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Have you noticed that you started gaining weight very quickly even though your diet, calorie consumption, or activity level has not changed at all? Or have you increased your exercise level or reduced calories even further but still see no results?



Crash diets, fad diets, exercise addiction, lose some weight, gain it all back; self-deprivation, starvation, frustration, self-loathing, and finally surrender…Do any of these sound familiar to you as you struggle with your own personal ‘roller coaster’ ride of weight loss?

Have you spent a good part of your life—and even greater part of your wallet—trying to lose weight? Achieved limited success from your heroic efforts, but ultimately gained the weight back and then some? Believe me you’re not alone, and there are dozens of statistics to prove it.

Would you like to identify at long last what has been sabotaging your weight loss efforts all those years? Need some great advice on how to overcome these obstacles to put them behind you forever, making your diets work faster, or your weight loss supplements more effective, while never again having to worry about gaining the weight back?

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, if I promised that it would happen overnight perhaps it would be too good to be true. But the information I’m sharing will take effort, commitment, time, and perhaps cost you something extra. Understand that there is often no single solution for losing weight, or for breaking through a diet plateau.

Our bodies are very complex, and there are many aspects of our health which may need to be brought into balance before we can lose weight. I guarantee that if you have struggled in the past, once you rule out and work through the hidden culprits that can sabotage your weight loss efforts you will get off the roller coaster forever.

Hidden Culprits that Sabotage Weight Loss:

Under-Active Thyroid

My relationship with dieting and weight loss started at a very young age. From Kindergarten through eighth grade I was bigger and taller than all the boys in my class and that didn’t change until high-school. Although I was never grossly over-weight for my height and build, imagine being a one hundred and fifty-five pound, five foot, ten inch, tall girl at age thirteen.

My feeling about how I looked compared to my peers was just plain HUGE. Those dynamics would be the mold for my body image for a very long time and set the stage for a tremendous battle with eating disorders, exercise addiction, and the emotional turmoil those effects bring into a young women’s life.

Throughout High School I managed to starve myself and exercise my way to a steady size 11. Shortly after entering college though, everything changed. At age twenty-two after a mysterious gain of 35 pounds over a few short months, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. For the next twenty years I struggled with this disease and its effects.

Enduring ineffective medication, mild to severely debilitating symptoms such as chronic insomnia & digestive problems to hair loss, skin disorders and more symptoms than I can list, I finally found the right doctor and medication to help. Having personally been through the experience myself, this self-proclaimed expert can offer information that will hopefully help in your own struggle to lose weight.

Low Thyroid Symptoms to Watch For:

Have you noticed that you started gaining weight very quickly even though your diet, calorie consumption, or activity level has not changed at all? Or have you increased your exercise level or reduced calories even further but still see no results?

  • Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?
  • Depression, lethargy, chills?
  • Do you have cold hands & feet? Are you always cold even when others are not?
  • Unexplained weight gain, severe bloating and perhaps a swollen face?
  • Constantly tired and worn out during the day but have difficulties sleeping at night?
  • Dry skin, eczema, brittle nails, loss or thinning hair, sparse eyelashes or eyebrows that stop growing half-way across the brow?
  • Muscle aches, constipation, terrible digestion, and hoarseness?
  • PMS or menstrual irregularities, or are you an emotional roller coaster?
  • Is your libido low?

Although there are many other symptoms the list above are the most common. If you answered “yes” to any of these symptoms, an underactive thyroid can be the root of the problem. The fact is that undiagnosed or undertreated hypothyroidism is thought to cause weight loss problems for a significant number of dieters, not just a rare few as has been previously believed until now.

In fact, many thyroid experts believe that low thyroid is a hidden epidemic. “Hidden” because most medical practitioners only look at blood test results rather than including a patient’s clinical symptoms as part of their diagnosis and treatment. Therefore many people who are clinically hypothyroid and in need of treatment are overlooked because their blood work results came back within the so called “normal” range.

According to most laboratories in the U.S., the official “normal” reference range for the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) blood test runs from approximately .5 to 4.5/5.0. Sadly there are a vast majority of physicians, who rely on blood tests almost exclusively. These physicians exclusively use blood results to determine whether or not thyroid disease is even diagnosed at all, much less treated, and when diagnosed, how it is treated…but those numbers only tell half of the story!

“Normal” ranges are completely unreliable without considering clinical symptoms. For example, I have had hypothyroidism for over 25 years and for my clinical symptoms to completely subside, my TSH needs to be at around .1 on my meds. But according to most doctors that blood test result would make me Hyperthyroid and they would reduce my dosage. Then the minute I go above .3 TSH, my hair starts falling out, I swell up about 20lbs, my digestion grinds to a halt, and am not very pleasant to be around emotionally.

Furthermore, TSH is not the only thyroid hormone that needs to be tested. T4, T3, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies should also be checked. The bottom line is that if you experience any of the above symptoms and your doctor is telling you that your levels are fine, you need to find a progressive doctor who will not only do a complete thyroid panel and/or saliva test on you, but will also consider your clinical symptoms as well.

I’m sure you are well aware that there’s no shortage of information on the internet, especially when it comes to Hypothyroidism. The good news is that all of this information helps to bring much needed awareness to Hypothyroidism and the DEVASTATING effects it can have on your life. (Hint: the number 1 most commonly prescribed medication for hypothyroidism is completely ineffective for some people.)

I just found this great hypothyroidism resource which will really help clear up the confusion for you. The following video I’m about to share with you contains a lot of great information on how to naturally overcome hypothyroidism by stopping it directly at the source. The best part is that it’s actually based on scientific research… Scientific research that I will bet that you have never even seen before. Click this link to watch it!

My own experiences with this common disease could fill pages of this blog, but I can happily say that after finally finding the right doctor who prescribed the right medication for my body I am finally symptom free. With the help of the HCG Diet Plan I have shed forty pounds and kept it off for over seven years!

If your story sounds like mine, follow the information trail below. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about my personal thyroid journey.

Best Regards on Your Journey to Health & Fitness!

Patty B

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