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I dunno about you but I love reading about the mundane details of other bloggers lives. Gimme a “day in the life” post or morning routine and I eat that content UP.

I’m always curious about what other people lug around in their purse. For me personally I know I carry around a whole lotta stuff in my bag. I guess that’s one of the struggles of living in NYC — I don’t have a car to stash my stuff so I gotta carry it around in my bag all day

Here’s what’s inside my bag…  besides ALL the crumpled up receipts:

whats in my purse

[a note about my actual bag]: Over the past year or so I’ve just been using a canvas bag as my everyday purse. It’s lighter than the fancy leather bags I previously carried. Plus there’s more space for all my stuffs.

Leslie and I had these Holistic Happening bags made for event goodie bags. It’s nothing fancy, but it works for me! And I like that I can display my growing pin collection on the bag. The dancing queen one is from the ABBA museum in Stockholm and always makes me smile and think of my trip there. I also love the one of Kameron Michaels, a fierce drag queen I got to see + meet last year in LA. She got a lot of flack for being introverted on her season of Drag Race but I could totally relate to her. Plus I like that she’s also a redhead in this pin 🙂


What’s in my bag:

▶︎ Headphones: I am always always always listening to podcasts when I’m out and about. Or my playlist for the class I’m about to teach 😂

I’ve been using these Beats headphones for a few years and I love them. I don’t love the feeling of in-ear headphones, although I know people SWEAR by their AirPods. I should probably splurge for a pair of wireless headphones but I like that I never have to think about charging these bad boys.


▶︎ Lactaid pills: As a lactose intolerant gal that LOVES Indian food and taking bites of other people’s pizza I bring Lactaids with me every where I go. It doesn’t 100% help and sometimes I still feel like crap afterwards, but I do think it’s better than nothing for me.


▶︎ Pens: I am always amazed that people don’t carry around pens in their purse. Gotta be prepared — and germaphobic when I’m filling out forms at a doctor’s office.


▶︎ Hand Sanitizer: Speaking of being a germaphobe, girlfriend always carries hand sanitizer in her purse. I love the scent of this stuff from Bath + Body Works.


▶︎ Lip balm: Ugh my lips get SO chapped all winter. Gimme all the lip balm please. I’m a fan of this Burt Bee’s coconut and pear flavor.


▶︎ A water bottle: If you know me you know I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me. Gotta stay hydrated while running around the city all day every day.


▶︎ Keys: Does any else’s keychain have scan cards to a million gyms they no longer belong to? My keyring is like a graveyard for gym memberships of the past. But now I’m used to having those tags on my keyring it would just feel weird without them…


▶︎ Wallet: Of course stashed with the works.


▶︎ barre socks: Once I started going to barre classes 3+ days a week (and now I’m also practicing teaching 3-4 classes a week too!) I decided to just start carrying barre socks with me all the time. That way I can’t accidentally forget to bring a pair.


▶︎ tampons: No explanation needed here. But can’t not include them 😂


▶︎ business cards: I am the WORST when it comes to networking, it makes me feel super awkward and sales-y. Even still, I keep my blog business cards with me when I’m on the go. You never know who you’ll randomly meet.


▶︎ Sunglasses: I rarely use sunglasses in the winter but might as well keep them in my purse, right? I got these ones at an Oakley event a few years back and I still LOVE them. They are super lightweight + pretty cute.


▶︎ Deodorant: I recently participated in an instagram campaign with Secret’s new on-the-go deodorant called Freshies. I wasn’t asked to post about it on the blog [not sure if they even know I have a blog as well…] but I am OBSESSED with this stuff. It’s the perfect travel size deodorant to stash in my bag so I can reapply throughout the day. So so necessary when I’m sweating all day every day in the hot yoga studio.

Your turn: What random items do you carry around in your bag?


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