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So you’ve decided to bite the bullet and sign up to your first dance class – congratulations! As someone who has actually been a fish out of water going into Dancing with the stars, I can’t tell you how much of a game changer this is.

It is so easy for to become complacent and just continue doing activities we feel safe in – but let me tell you, the reward for going outside your comfort zone is immeasurable! Not only will you feel good that you’ve pushed yourself, you’ll end up getting in a great workout and have fun along the way – after all, what could be more fun?!

So whether you’re trying a Body Jam or Zumba class at your local gym or attending a dance school for a specific style of dance, here’s what you can expect.

  1. If you’ve never been to a dance class before, or it’s been a hot minute since you went to one, good intentions are not going to get you to the class. As much as it is good in theory, the hardest part for you is going to be actually going.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes. If it’s your first class, there’s no need to spend big on expensive dance gear. Usually sneakers and activewear will do the trick – unless your dance class specifies.
  3. Always arrive 15 minutes early! This is for a number of reasons – one being, if you are unsure of your steps, getting a spot up the front so you can see the teacher is a good idea- or if you’re not that confident yet, you can make sure you’re at the back! Also, it gives you a chance to introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know that it’s your class, and whether or not you have any injuries or ailments.
  4. Bring a sweat towel and plenty of water!
  5. When the class starts, don’t be embarrassed if it feels like you have two left feet! I didn’t walk into my first day with Aric knowing how to do the Cha cha cha! It took a lot of time, practice and patience to get camera ready, but you know what, I didn’t give up on myself. So have patience, all it takes is practice and time become good at anything
  6. Loosen up, remember, as well as get fit, you’re here to have fun!
  7. Once you start getting a hold on the moves, you’ll be able to add your own flair to it.
  8. Say hi to some of the other students. Chances are, if you’re taking a beginners class, everyone is in the same boat, so it’s always great to have a laugh about your stumbles and make the class more pleasant.
  9. Get plenty of rest in between – trust me, if you haven’t danced before or its been a while in between moves, you’re going to hurt the next day!

Mish Xx 

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