What Is Gabby Bernstein’s Masterclass Really Like? Is It Right For You? Plus, deets on my mini spiritual mastermind this summer

Spiritual growth. Self growth. Finding your true calling in life (and getting out of your own way enough to make it happen). I know it can’t just be me, who has dealt with this in some way or another.

Well, you guys have heard my story on it these past two weeks.

(In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, read my first, second and third post here).

So today, because so many immediately emailed me after my last post and said you’d be interested in joining if I did a mini mastermind/small group this summer all about manifesting, meditating, and getting out of your own way (especially for business & finding your purpose), I wanted to share a little more about what I’m thinking of doing.

Because one thing is for sure– getting help and having accountability in this area of life in particular is game-changing thing. Trying to do it on your own = too many excuses, and well, continuing to get in your own way. At least for me.

And, truthfully, I needed a little boost in that department, even as recent as two years ago. I wish I had had a little mastermind of like-minded souls & mamas on the same path of living a more elevated and higher vibe life.

So, here’s the deal: I’m doing to do it!

This summer, July & August. The best way I know how- in conjunction with the one spiritual & self-growth training (Gabby’s once-a-year masterclass) that truly helped me bust through so many of the blocks that come up when you’re pursuing a life that’s more soulful, on purpose, and unapologetic about who you put here on this Earth to be.

Anyone who signs up here, I’m going to lead a special little bonus small group, so you get a little extra love and accountability and support to go for your dreams (whatever they are).

It doesn’t cost anything extra to you, and is my way to give back and return this little gift I feel like I’ve been given to share it with you guys.

My Spirit Junkie Masterclass 2019 BONUSES:

Anyone who signs up for the masterclass course through this link, gets access to a private small group mini-mastermind this summer, with me. With all the things I wish that I had, when I went through these immense periods of growth myself, including:

  • two private group coaching calls during the program
  • one 20 minute private one-on-one coaching call with me (for the first 10 people that sign up)
  • a free gift of the Spring Meal Plan or The Simply Real Health Cookbook (so you can focus on the bigger stuff)
  • a magical community of like-minded women with the same kind of big dreams and goals for their life (that will exist forever!)
  • a list of my favorite resources, tools, and tips (aka, #woowoobookclub and more)
  • help, love & support throughout the entire process via our forum

Join me here and get access to the first module right away. Program closes this Thursday, June 20th!

So, what is the Masterclass like?

There was so much business advice (from the perspective that your calling/purpose might be also one day be your business- or at least a part of your life that you’ll start spending more time with). Everything from blogging, to social media, to content creation— in a way that feels authentic and true, and enabling you to share your gifts with the world with ease and more freedom.

So much life advice and wisdom on how to tune out the NOISE. And our own egos and all that fear talk, that tries to keep us stuck.

And how to rise above it. Like, DAILY.  As in practical daily tools you can tuck in your little pocket and whip out whenever you need to.

Because we all need that when we live in this crazy, busy world, with crazy busy lives. Otherwise that other negative stuff can take over our world and mentality, if we’re not actively doing something about it.

There were so many amazing speakers on every kind of topic you could imagine- each sharing their powerful story of when they got into alignment with their inner truths/god/the universe/their soul, how much more they were able to serve the world because it. And how much more alive their life became, when they took an active role in it.

And the people— a little high vibe community of movers and shakers. So much goodness and depth and realness, and people doing amazing things in this world.

For real. In the room, there were lawyers, elementary school teachers, accountants and investment bankers. Some were yoga teachers. Some were small business owners. Some were wanting to make a leap and transition their career, and some were totally happy where they were, but wanting to bring another element into their workday or lives.

Some were just there for fun, or because they simply wanted to learn more, and see what came from it.  READ: everyone, and anyone was encouraged.

There were so many cool (modern and fun) meditations with rad music – along with learning how to lead them if you want. Sessions on public speaking, writing a book, and running a business doing something you love. All.

Everything you need encouragement for, to continue to live your life on fire. At least, in my case.

And for me,  it meant some tears.

AKA, A LOT OF TEARS. Good ones, that would come just streaming down my face in the meditations.

Whoa. And then, some more writing. And some major a-ha’s that would have never happened had I not given myself the time to fully dive in and make the space for this stuff.

My point is this– worth it. It was so worth it. I mean, books and podcasts and TEDtalks are amazing (you guys know I’m obsessed), but there is something so shifting that happens when you go a little deeper once in a while.

When you make some space that’s focused and intentional on a part of our lives that we so often overlook.

When you commit to your own growth and personal development at the next level, because you have big things to share with the world.

Why? Because it’s a dis-service to the world if you don’t, and keep your little gifts inside. Playing small in your life– in any category– is actually selfish. 

We all need little reminders and boosts of inspiration, to get refreshed. Even when you feel good– there is always just so much more to learn if you’re open to it. And life keeps expanding with you, when you do.

And, because I know some of you are wondering if the  Spirit Junkie Masterclass would be a great move for you (or not), here are some things that might help: 

Who is this a perfect fit for?

If you are:

  • currently exploring your purpose in the world and what you are meant to do
  • considering a career shift (either within a company or starting something of your own)
  • you deal with FEAR of any kind- the kind that keeps you stuck from pursuing things you dream about
  • in any kind of transition in life where use some extra guidance and good energy
  • currently feeling stuck or stagnant
  • ready to release inner blocks and fears and obstacles that keep you stuck
  • fascinated with personal growth & development
  • currently own a business (especially with any aspect of  wellness/coaching/helping/healing other people in any way)
  • you want to learn how to have more faith than fear in your life, and to tune in to your inner (and outer) guidance systems
  • love and are fascinated by anything slightly woo-woo
  • willing to be totally honest with yourself, and open to new ideas and ways of seeing things
  • if you feel like life happens to you, not for you
  • if your schedule is busy and you want to take all of this goodness at your own pace and timeline this season


  1. I want to start a business, and I’ve heard you talk about Marie Forleo’s B-School (which runs once  year every March for 8 weeks). Both programs seem helpful. Should I do that first? Or this one? 

In my opinion, B-School is more focused on the nuts and bolts of setting up a business. Marketing, social media, websites, content, etc. Like detailed and 8 weeks of go-go-go. So much info that’s amazing and super helpful! From what I’ve seen helping other cuties go through it, is that it’s super helpful to have your business sort of up and running first, instead of trying to do that AND the program at the same time. People do it, but I think there are much higher “overwhelm” rates when it’s in this order.

Gabby’s Masterclass is much more life based– and is a great way to figure out what starting something on your own means to you, or what your calling in life is. It’s more of a blend of personal development work, internal stuff, clearing out fear and blocks so you can actually tune in to your purpose. And some business stuff weaved in too. So, this one would be much better if you’re still solidifying an idea, trying to figure out your calling, and create a necessary foundation for future business success, relationship success, etc. This one is also more at your own pace, so it’s more flexible, timing wise.

If I could do it all over again, honestly– I would do the Spirit Junkie Masterclass first to get a better baseline and solid ground, then do B-School after (I did the total reverse). Which, if you’re reading this as I’m writing this in June 2019, that timing would work out perfectly. Just my 2 cents, as I’ve done both. Both have helped me change the way I approach my business and have shifted big things for me in life. And love both, ultimately, to help you piece everything together.

2. What if I don’t want to start a business– is it focused on just that?

Honestly, I think it would probably be the most helpful if you do currently own a business, want to own a business one day, or even start doing something you are more passionate about, on the side.  It’s great if you know you want to do something more… but maybe aren’t quite sure what that is yet. Or are in the process of any type of transition in life, this class would be a great fit. If you’re willing to show up and do the work (listen to the recordings and watch the videos each week), it really has such a deeper impact on how you go about finding your purpose/calling/or the next thing you’re feeling pulled towards. It gives you the tools to get unblocked, unstuck, and moving forward, no matter the subject.  And it’s nice that it’s lifetime access too, because I always find myself going back to certain meditations, modules, etc anytime I need more clarity, or a boost in my connecting to source and god for any decision in my life.

So, yes, there are bonuses on some business stuff, but at the core, it’s really about finding your calling, teaching you ways to tune in so you can even learn what that means, and then ways to keep it up in your life over time.  

3. Are there payment plans? 

Yes, def. There’s the option to split into 6 or 12 smaller payments to make it more do-able. And a no questions asked refund available until July 4th if for whatever reason you decide it’s not for you.

3. How is the content delivered?

Everything is online, and easily accessible anywhere (your laptop, phone, tablet, etc). All the content comes in video, audio (I still LIVE for these audio tracks as mini boosters throughout the year) and downloadable worksheets. This course has lifetime access, which is the biggest and best gift.

4. This summer is busy. What if I fall behind or can’t keep up? 

No prob, this program is go-at-your-own pace. You get access to new modules each week, but can always pop around as you need to.

5. Is is available other times of the year? 

No, just once a year, sadly. Registration closes for good this year on Thursday, June 20th, 2019.

6. Are you doing it too? 

Yes! I’m going to do it again with anyone who wants to join me this year. I love doing it yearly for a little refresher. JOIN ME HERE if you want to do it with me this July & August, and a small intimate group of other ladies wanting to do the same, so you get a little extra love and accountability and support to go for your dreams (whatever they are).

It doesn’t cost anything extra to you, and is my way to give back and return this little gift I feel like I’ve been given to share it with you guys.

Any other questions? Check out more FAQ’s here, on the info page. 

Or, still not sure if this program is the right fit for you? I’m happy to answer any more Q’s that feel more personal. I know it’s a big decision, and it can sometimes be hard to tell. So, if you are unsure or on the fence, just send me a email to hello@simplyrealhealth.com and I’m happy to help and tell you more about it.

More details about my story & personal experience with it:

A few years ago, when I got Gabby Bernstein‘s email about her Spirit Junkie Masterclass, it was a obvious yes. I love everything that she does, and her wisdom, books, and words have guided me in incredible ways over the last 6 years.

For real. This woman has changed my life. She’s like the feminine version of Tony Robbins, full of LIGHT, New York energy, great dance moves, the occasional F-bomb, a business badass, and a spiritual enforcer that it equal parts so modern and relatable, and so wise and fierce at the same time.

I’m not sure I even fully read the sign up page, all I knew was YES, in my gut. Get me there. And we’ll see what happens. No real intention or thing I was trying to solve, I’ll just show up and see what magic rises up.

Then, the doubt and fear the next day, almost on cue:

(Thoughts, take 1):

“Wait, would this be worth all the money? It wasn’t cheap.  What if it was all a lot of talk? What if I knew everything already, because I’ve read her books. Yikes… maybe this was a bad move.

And also, I’m fine. I don’t need any world-rocking  thing right now, I’m feeling pretty good….

Oh no……. I bet everyone else there, this is their first time doing anything personal growth related, or are in massive life transitions, not people who already have businesses established.”


What did I just do?

But then, a minute or two after, these words came trickling into my head:

(Thoughts, take 2):

“But wait. Remember that everything life-changing that you’ve done, always feels slightly uncomfortable, nerve-wracking and scary when you’re paying for it. Because you’re essentially betting on yourself.

So if you don’t think you’re worth it, you won’t spend it on this—but you’ll end up spending it somewhere else. That won’t have as much of an impact on your life. And YOU ARE WORTH IT. Why wouldn’t you say yes to your own self? That’s weird if you don’t……

Hmmm, so maybe that’s a good sign. And imagine how much MORE will come back to in value, money, etc when you fully show up there? And it’s like Dad says, “investing in yourself is never a waste of time or money”.

Plus, you LOVE Gabby, and everything she does, and how she teaches, so why not immerse yourself in that magic, with her in person? Only good things will come…..

And sister? OMG. Get real.  You ARE TOO in a transition. A big one. With your next project in business, settling into a new house and office, healing SIBO, that big cookbook #2 news, navigating life and family and relationships… You’re not different than anyone else going- and besides WHO CARES?

Everyone has their own story and journey with this stuff anyways. And, you there’s something special about being fully immersed in anything- you think it, breath it, feel it, talk about it, and come out the other side changed, in so many ways. #worthit.”

Boom. Done. Booked.

Thoughts 1: my ego and fear getting in the way

Thoughts 2: my gut instinct and truth

The perfect example of that– ha. How ironic. I obviously was due for a little refresher.

Once I decided, I felt slightly scared (of course) but also totally expansive. Like I could breathe a little deeper suddenly. That’s always how I know I’m listening to my gut.

And when that happens, it’s gold. Everytime.

If I feel EXPANSIVE when I think about something = a yes in my life. 

If I feel CONTRACTED, TIGHT, or SLIGHTLY DEFLATED when I think about something = a no.

Aka, if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no. 

With people, trips, projects, decisions, everything. That’s my rule. And how I roll now, anyways.

Maybe it would be for some people I would meet, showing up just like me. Or, a message that resonates and shifts some things for me. Who knows? I’m just gonna enjoy the ride and go with the flow.

I say this, because sometimes you don’t need a reason other than filling up and watering that little cup of life within you. And water, it did.

Holy crap. 

And that is my exact hope for you. If you’re reading this far, you get it. Sometimes we get the call and all the signs, but we have to answer it to move forward and UP in our lives. To more full body YES’S, all around.

If you’re nodding, I see you and hear you and I get it. I’d love to help and support you in any way I can.  Come join me as I do it again this year live, and be a part of my magical little mini-mastermind group this July & August here. I can’t wait to see those of you IN and on the other side! Your best summer ever is waiting 🙂

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