Waterpik HairWand Spa System Showerhead Review

Waterpik Hair Wand Spa System Shower Head Review

Waterpik HairWand Spa System Showerhead Review

Waterpik Hair Wand Spa System Review

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Waterpik recently sent me their new Hair Wand Spa System to test out. More than just a fancy shower head with 9 spray modes, the system also has a detachable “wand” that lets you easily rinse your hair in less than a minute. So is this shower upgrade worth it? Read on to find out!

First of all – let’s talk about healthy hair. You NEED to fully rinse shampoo, conditioners and treatments out of your hair (and most people don’t take the time to rinse properly). If you leave residue behind, your hair can look dull and flat. Over time, build-up can contribute to hair damage and even clog hair follicles which isn’t going to help with hair growth. So RINSE THAT HAIR!

Waterpik HairWand Spa System Shower Head Review

The Hair Wand System Features:

  • Chrome Finish
  • 5” Diameter Head
  • Shower Wand with PowerComb Spray
  • 12 Spray Settings including PowerPulse Massage
  • Ultra Flexible 8-Foot Metal Hose
  • Easy Reach Diverter
  • Lifetime warranty
Waterpik HairWand Spa System Shower Head Review

Here’s what Waterpik found when they tested this product:

  • Up to 94% of users reported superior rinsing action
  • Up to 90% of users experience muscle tension release within minutes
  • Up to 82% reported a complete rinse in less than a minute
  • Up to 75% of users reported greater range of motion and flexibility
Waterpik HairWand Spa System Shower Head Review

As I mentioned, the Hair Wand Spa System comes with a fixed shower head that has 9 modes, including massage and mist. I love the “PowerSpray” massage feature for my tight back and neck muscles. The mist feature is perfect for washing my face. I have lash extensions (which are not cheap!) and this keeps me from washing my lashes down the drain.

Waterpik HairWand Spa System Showerhead Review

But let’s talk about the wand! This is the really unique part. There is a switch at the top of the device so you can toggle between the shower head and the wand. The wand is detachable (with a long 8 foot hose) and has a comb-like spray with several pressure settings. To use the wand, start at the top of your head and place the wand about 2 inches from your hair. Move it in a downward motion as if combing your hair.

It works on any length of hair, and helps to detangle while rinsing throughly. It kind of makes you feel like you’re getting an intense rinse like you would at a hair salon!

  • The PowerComb mode also helps to relieve muscle tension by holding the wand in the affected area. (Neck, shoulders, calves and lower back)
  • The SoftComb mode is a great way to relieve tension and relaxes anywhere from head to toe.
  • The Gentle Rinse mode may be used for sensitive areas such as the face. It is also a water saving mode for when you’re shaving or shampooing.

I like the PowerComb setting best for a quick rinse and head massage. It’s QUITE powerful! Surprisingly so. I didn’t have any tangles after rinsing. The SoftComb works well too, and I actually used it to give my dog, Riley, a bath! The long hose was perfect for reaching him. It’s been awhile since I’ve colored my hair at home, but I think the wand would be perfect for rinsing out hair dye. Overall, I think this is a great product for those who want a little more TLC in the shower.

If you want to try the Waterpik Hair Wand Spa System out, click here. Check out the video that shows how to use it, and about halfway down the page, you’ll find a $10 off rebate! If you have any problems, they offer a lifetime warranty (wow)!

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