Top Ten Reasons To Get in Shape 

(That have nothing to do with looking good in a Bikini!)

by Hitch Fit Owner – Fit over 40 – Diana Chaloux – LaCerte

Fit over 40 Women - Diana Chaloux LaCerte of Hitch Fit

I have people come up to me all the time and talk about how they want to get in shape. But then that statement is followed up with something like…but I don’t have the motivation. But that’s really not true. We all have motivation. It’s really a question of what are we more motivated to do? Motivation is just the REASON that you do something. If you have a strong enough reason to do something, then you DO it. You don’t just talk about it. You DO it.

What does being in shape mean? To me, it means that you have a healthy body fat percentage, you have muscular strength, you have a strong cardiovascular system, and are living in a body that does what you want it to do!

Top 10 Reasons to Get in Shape

With that in mind, I compiled this list of the Top Ten Reasons to Get in Shape that have nothing to do with looking good in a bikini.

  1. Reduce chronic stress. Chronic stress, with no outlet and no regulation, is killing people. It is the root of so many mental and physical diseases and ailments.
  2. Combat anxiety and depression ( now the leading cause of workplace disability). The antidepressant effects of exercise are similar to that of medications. Exercise has been shown effective as a treatment for mild depression and for preventing a relapse of depression.
  3. Double daily productivity with a healthier brain and body. Exercise helps your brain function at a higher capacity. It also serves as protection for your brain. Your brain is your greatest asset when it comes to having a productive day!
  4.  Increase energy for work performance and spending time with kiddos.
  5.  Massive increase in confidence when you walk into a room, have a meeting, do a presentation, or go on a date. 😎
  6. More positive and balanced reactions to the world around you. Higher levels of tolerance and patience.
  7.  Strengthen immune system and reduce risk of most diseases. 80% of diseases are caused by controllable lifestyle choices!
  8.  Live a more empowered life – not a victim – not an easy target.
  9. Live longer ( Lord willing ) in a body that is strong. Stronger bones and muscles, stronger heart and lungs.
  10. Better time in your bedroom – regular exercise will improve your sleep and sex drive.

You get all these benefits (and there are so many more than this!) when you make the choice to lead a healthy lifestyle. All this AND you get to physically look better too! When it comes to transformation, people often see the external and think that is what it’s all about. But the TRUE transformation, the TRUE reasons and benefits are what happens on the inside, and all the positive ripple effects that healthy living has on every aspect of your life. If you are ready for change, I’d love to help you. We offer Online Personal Training globally and have aided thousands of people to the goal of getting in great shape so they reap ALL the benefits of healthy living! Choose your plan at the link below and let’s get started.

Top Ten Reasons To Get in Shape with Hitch Fit