The South Indian Bridal JewelleryBe Beautilicious

Elegance and royal look is the heritage of south Indian jewellery, Bride cover most of their body part with shining yellow metal better known as gold. Heavy weight jewellery are popular in south Indian wedding. Traditional south Indian jewellery are wore by new bride are as follows:


Traditionally, kasulaperuor kasumala is a type of chain made with Goddess Lakshmi coins attached on it. Every South Indian bride wear Kasulaperu. Kemp stones, uncut diamonds and other precious gemstones are also used to decorate this chain. Double layer Kasulaperu turn the chain into a beautiful neck piece. the grandeur of these necklace that a bride looks nothing less than a royalty princess. 

Manga Malai

Manga malai or mango mala is a South Indian necklace. The most distinguishing design of the manga malai is the use of mango shapes to make the necklace. The mango shape brings uniqueness and differentiate from other design. A heavier and big, the manga malai is perfect for weddings. 


The traditional elegant chain like jewellery wore around the waist is known as Vadiyanam. It is similar to North Indian Kamarband. For the South Indian brides vadiyanam is compulsory. Modern Vadiyananm comes in various designs and styles precious gemstones embellished on it. A traditional vadiyanam have Goddess Laxmi sit on a lotus flower in the middle of the band. 


For a South Indian bride bajubandh known as Vanki. It is an essential piece of jewellery for the bride.Arm look great with sleeveless or short sleeved dresses.

The South Indian Bridal Jewellery


The kappu is the style of bangle traditionally belong from south India, Zamindars and important personals of the village are used to wear Kappu as they consider this as their status and dignity. It has a lion shaped clasp which gives a royal look and it is half cut. This gold bracelet designs for ladies and for the bride due to of its lustrous of the gold.


 In South Indian jewellery shops you will different type of style in gold earrings designs catalogue such as chaand bali or bell shaped designs,  jhumkas are  just great for the wedding day and also carry in any special occasions and festivals.

Nethi Chutti

Nethi chutti is another bridal jewellery without which a South Indian bride look remain incomplete. There are various styles of traditional nethi chutti in temple design looks divine on a bride. In northern part of India it is commonly known as Mang tikka. It is used for covering the center parting of a woman’s hair.  women in India generally keep for  vermillion after marriage. It is important signs of a woman who is married in Hindu religion.

Jada Billa

There are many kinds of hair clips are used in a wedding but cannot match the beauty of the long thick braid adorned with jada billa. It is made in temple design and fresh flowers. For the perfect south Indian brides Jada Billa complement the bridal look.  Pleat of the hair embellish with jada billa gives a royal endur. 

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