The Perfect Red Lipstick For All Asian Women

The Perfect Red Lipstick For All Asian Women

That is a huge claim from Shu Uemura. You might also want to remember this number: RD163. This red balances both yellow and blue tones perfectly and it will enhance every Asian complexion. This red to me, is THE neutral. It stays red even when it is sheered out, or packed on. Some red lipsticks sheer out pink and some will look berry if you apply more. This, just stays red.



Red can be intimidating to some, but it really does depend on how you wear it. You can wear it as a stain, or you can just top it up on top of a lip balm. Depending on your creativity, reds are versatile. Some reds are much bolder and deeper, giving off a sexier look but it might not be suitable for someone with small or thin lips. The RD163, I find, is bright enough just to add radiance to complexion. This red comes in 3 different textures: matte, satin or lacquer shine and what I have here to show you is the matte version. I like it because I can add shine to it using a lip balm. If you have very dry lips, then you might want to choose something other than matte because lip lines and flakes will be enhanced, naturally.



To show you where RD163 stands against pinks, berries and oranges, here are some swatches.



I personally really like orange and warm lip colours because they complement my complexion. Some of you might look really good wearing pinks but I think all of us can rock RD163.

Here I am wearing a wine shade M WN289.



And here I am wearing a warm matte BR 782



Finally, this is the neutral red that brightens my skin beautifully, without looking overpowering on the face.



Be warned, these matte lipsticks have a strong stain. I usually use micellar water to remove, and sometimes, the stain doesn’t get removed completely. Shu Uemura also came up with re:set, a tint remover and lip conditioner. It’s just a clear gel that I apply all over my lips, leave it on for a few seconds, then wipe off with tissue. Everything came off so easily! I swatched a few lipsticks at once, and using this to remove kept the colours true, and my lips protected. If you like to wear lip stains, you might want to look at this too.

In short, if you’re looking for a red lipstick and don’t know where to start, I suggest you look at RD163. Shu Uemura made it easy for us, that perfect red for all, with different textures to suit your preference. I really heart this red. The BR782 and BG946 are 2 of my other favourites too. Many of you asked what nude I was wearing on Instagram, and it’s BG946. If you haven’t checked these out, I suggest you do.


xoxo Lily




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