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India is a land of diversity. However, Indian sarees have been building up the unity in diversity with the foundation of style, culture and heritage which is admired globally. These pieces of artwork and culture are reaching out over the boundaries proving their worth.  

One of the prized possessions of an Indian bride is the bridal saree. The bridal sarees hold an everlasting charm. It adds a special bloom to the prestige of the bride.

The bridal collection holds a sentimental value to the bride and the family. The pride is beautifully preserved and often passed on to the next generations.

An Indian wedding is the best place to witness the widest collection of Indian sarees. The bridal collection could vary among Baluchari to Kanjeevaram sarees. However, the Benarasi sarees are an all-time favorite for the bride.

What is the right fabric?


Picking the right fabric of your taste is the first step towards buying your pride. The ideal kinds of fabric could be silk, georgette, chiffon, crepe or velvet adorned net. The sarees, of course, are delivered with heavy works made up of pearls, beads, threads of zardosi, embroideries using resham, colorful stones etc. The silk sarees are, however embellished using golden threads usually.  

What are the popular patterns?

The patterns seem to be in the favor for the brides who wish to go traditional on the most important day of her life. The popular patterns are of flowers, birds like peacocks and parrots, and animals from rabbits to elephants. These come with an extraordinary embroidery work over silk sarees. Patterns from ancient relics like the Ramayana or the Mahabharata are no less popular. The design works often include crystals and diamonds.

What is the right color?

The color red has always been the loved one for the bridal saree. However, with time the tastes of color are noticed to be improvising. Women are showing interest in exploring a wide range of colors available. The popular colors comprise pink, turquoise blue, magenta, sea green. Combination of colors like red and green, rust and gold, pink and purple, light blue and gold are also preferred.  

What is the suitable design?

D:kedar1 Novimgdesigner.jpeg

Designer sarees are getting more and more promising for weddings.

The best thing about a designer saree is that you can get the dress customized that suits the body type and matching the right tone. The varieties of designs include georgette design, tissue design, chiffon design, printed design, lehenga design, brasso design and many more sarees. These styles are suitable for wearing on any occasion and festivals. All these designs are available at stylecaret.

How vital is the bridal blouse?

The blouse also known as the choli is a vital part of the saree like the pallu of any saree. The fittings, the design and the adornment of the blouse tell whether the wedding saree is reflecting the touch of elegance and charm it is meant to do. A lot of zardosi work along with stones are done on the blouse of the bride. However, the embellishment works for the looks vary from designer to designer and so with the demands.

What is the current trend of the sarees?


Designers make themselves busy experimenting with the sarees and emerged, adding a bit of freshness to the fashion glory of the Indian sarees. The designer sarees are not only famous in the country. It has been liked in the choices across the world in countries like USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, France and many other parts of the world.

The designers have infused western elements in the Indian attire, keeping the senses intact.

The designs include saree gown, zip up sarees and lehenga sarees that won the heart of millions all around the globe. They promise these sarees to be a hassle-free draping style and claim to come up with more such innovations in the coming time with a blend of eye-catching combinations and lush fabric works as the key characteristic feature of the exclusive designs. You can find these designs at stylecaret.

A Few Glamour Add-on To Keep In Mind While Shopping


The popular toppers in the trend of designer sarees are flying off the rack very fast.

There are plenty of wedding sarees that should definitely grab a place in your wardrobe.  The following are a few add-ons to help you out.

1.    The days of getting confused about which rich colors to choose for the party are long gone.

The concepts of colors have evolved over time. Now the day has come when we can freely think of wearing a muted color with lavishly designed blouses. When thinking of these color fabrics like georgette will tease the sense in the correct manner.

2.    You can always drape the saree the way you want it. It is not mandatory to drape it always in the traditional form. The look transforms based on the way you drape it around. Wearing it in a new draping style highlighting the lavish works on the blouse can never be a bad idea.

3.    The Saree gowns are proving to be a savior when slipping into is what that is just required. It looks like a saree but feels like a dress. It is one of the latest designs that are high on the trend and is said to solve the problems of the young brides who find it quite challenging to handle a saree and maintain its plentiful pleats.

4.    The breathable, airy yet stylish net fabric is one of the most desired fabrics these days. These party wears are on the trend and look pretty prestigious. The patta, gota and the resham work dignifies the garments beauty considerably.

5.    The blouse adds a new statement to the saree and it is considered as the latest entry in the fashion agenda. In place of just the traditional blouses we now have lace sleeved blouses, sleeveless, off shoulder, corsets, long sleeved and also the fusion into crop tops with collars along with heavy sequined blouses are among the varieties that add a contrasting twist to the collection.

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