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One of the most important parts of getting myself ready for ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ is the warm up and cool down – specifically – getting in my stretches. I want to stay in the competition as long as I can – and I’m not about to let potential injury get in the way!

Spending a little time ahead of your dancing to gently warm up the body, sends oxygen to the muscles to set you up for a supple way to move and prevent injuries.

Warm Up

Jog on the spot – 2 minutes

10 backwards arm circles

10 forward arm circles

10 forward leg swings

10 sideways leg swings

Before Stretches

Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds

Neck stretch

Sit and Reach

Lower back stretch

Side stretch

Inner thigh stretch

Hip opener

Ankle circles

Calf stretch

After Stretches

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds

ITB side stretch

Hamstring stretch

Hip flexor stretch

Groin and adductor stretch

Quad and hip flexor stretch

Chest stretch

Achilles stretch

Pay attention to your body and if some areas need more TLC than others, don’t be afraid to spend a little more time in that space.

Foam rolling can be a great tool to follow dancing too, so feel free to explore using this as often as you like.

Go bust a move!

Xx Mish

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