Review: Chanel SUBLIMAGE L'essence Lumière

Review: Chanel SUBLIMAGE L’essence Lumière

Chanel SUBLIMAGE is one of the skincare lines that Chanel offers. SUBLIMAGE is the higher end of the luxury line, and it naturally comes with the expected price tag. I will tell you straight up that this Chanel SUBLIMAGE L’essence Lumière retails at RM1,942 for 40ml. Now, pick up your jaw and close it tight. If you have been using SUBLIMAGE, or La Mer, maybe even Sisley, then this isn’t a shock or surprise. It is ‘affordable’ for you.

Personally, for a bottle of serum that costs nearly RM2K, it better delivers some impressive results. I am very thankful to Chanel to be gifted this so I can try it out and tell you what I think about it. Naturally, because of the price, I will be more critical of this serum. For one, are there other products that work as well at a lower price point? For RM2K, I can buy the whole works, from cleanser to treatments to moisturizer. I will not talk about the science behind this, because in the end, isn’t the result most important? Furthermore, I’m no scientist, so I won’t pretend to be one. I am a consumer, just like most of you.



Firstly, we all know high end brands are notorious with their fragrance in skincare. While I enjoy skincare that smells nice, I don’t like something so strong that will restrict my breathing. Unlike the Blue Serum, the Chanel SUBLIMAGE L’essence Lumière has a very subtle floral scent. It does not linger, it just gives a pleasant sensory to the nose. I do not detect any vapour from the alcohol either. The serum pumps out smoothly from the hefty glass bottle. I use 2 pumps for my entire face. 1 pump is too little, and 1.5 pumps is best, but just to complicate things less, I use 2 pumps. The texture is creamy but not greasy. On my normal to dry skin, it feels comfortable. It absorbs well into the skin and it does not feel heavy. I’m not sure how it will fare on oilier skin.

Before this serum, I was using a Vitamin C treatment in the day, and Sunday Riley Luna (a type of retinol) at night. For the first two weeks, I used the Chanel serum once a day, replacing my Vitamin C but continued with Luna at night. Unintentionally, my Sunday Riley Luna ran out so I started using the Chanel SUBLIMAGE L’essence Lumière exclusively, 2 pumps in the morning and 2 pumps at night. I use it after cleanser and toner, before moisturizer and eye cream. On the 3rd week, someone complimented my skin, saying it looks glowy. I was also sweaty from my workout, so it might just be the flush.



Now, it is exactly 2 months from the first day I used the SUBLIMAGE L’essence Lumière. Half a bottle is gone. So in case you’re wondering, if you use 4 pumps daily, the bottle won’t last you more than 4 months. That works out to about RM500 a month, about RM16 a day, RM4 a pump. I don’t know why I wrote this down, but I just did a mental calculation and that realization made my eyes pop.

OK results after 2 months. My skin looks brighter even when I was already using Vitamin C and Luna previously. My skin is more even toned. There are less dull patches. My skin does not feel dry. In fact, it looks more plump and smooth, no dry patches to be seen. So in a nutshell, this serum hydrates, brightens, revitalizes and refines my skin better than what I’ve been using. There was a hormonal pimple on my chin recently, and I popped it, leaving a mark. In just a week, the mark is lightened. In another week, it healed completely. In Lily’s world, that is quick healing. Ah, just the weekend past, another friend complimented me on my skin. I was wearing minimal makeup, no foundation, and she said my skin looked very soft and glowy, more airbrushed than before. Honestly, I was really happy.



In short, this serum WORKS and it works fantastically. It replaced all my treatments and more, and this serum has been all that I used and needed the past 2 months or so. I will continue to use this until it’s gone but will I repurchase? I would love to but unfortunately, it is not within my budget. However, if it is within your means, then please, give this a try. I truly enjoyed using it. Of course, my skin and your skin are different, hence results will vary. After this review, I will reintroduce my Vitamin C in the day, and maintain this SUBLIMAGE L’essence Lumière only at night. So that will give me another 3 to 4 months of use, I think.

Did you wish I’d tell you this serum sucked and not worth the money? I wanted it to be an interesting controversial review too. Chanel, charging customers an arm and a leg for results we can get from a RM50 Vitamin C essence we can buy at Watsons! Hahahaha! Wouldn’t that trigger everyone? My comment section will blow up! Then people will start praising me, saying I’m so honest with my review, because you know, a negative review on a PR sample means honesty!! (strong sarcasm here in case you missed it)

Sorry to break it to you, guys. I was being honest. And I am sad because I can’t afford to buy this serum. My skin loved it. The end. So, to end on a happier note, I will post a picture of Ashton pretending to be me, applying my skincare.



xoxo Lily



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