Review and Swatches: Chanel Pierres De Lumiere Makeup Collection

I want to be early and say, hey, this collection will be out in a few days, and here are the swatches, and my thoughts so you can check it out and take your time to decide. I’m sorry guys. I got this 2 weeks ago, and I did my best to get this post up. Been a little busy 🙂 So, here are some swatches, and a short review (as short as I can be) and hopefully, whatever you want to pick up isn’t sold out yet.



I will talk about the Le Blanc Brightening Gentle Touch Foundation Long Lasting Radiance and Comfort SPF30 cushion in a separate post, so that I could be more detailed. For now, I have a blush and a highlighter that I think will be quite popular to show you. There’s a blush in Tweed Beige and a highlighter in White Opal. Both are actually complex colours instead of straight up beige or opal. Here are the swatches, and it is nothing like real life.



Both these cheek products have a shift. The Tweed Beige has a golden sheen that makes it look like light bronze in certain angle and White Opal is like a cool pinky pearl with a complex lilac/fuchsia shift. When I apply it on my cheeks, and when I move, the colour morphed from the lightest pink to lilac to fuchsia. It’s very interesting. If highlighting is your game, you cannot miss out on this. Tweed Beige is my favourite at the moment. It is very warm, and the golden sheen is really something. I thought it’s the leftover gold overspray, but I got rid of the overspray, and still get the gold sheen. It’s stunning! I must warn you that if you have skin texture like bigger pores, they will look more obvious.

Next up are the eye shadows.



They don’t look particularly interesting, especially the neutral quad which looks dupable. I love that there is a matte bone shade, and the darkest colour is a medium golden brown. This shade in particular is made different because of the texture. It applies like any powder, but the finish is wet and glossy. What sorcery is this? I applied this colour all over my lids the other day, on top of foundation, and it is pigmented yet translucent, making it look and feel like gloss. The 2 lighter shades, shimmery champagne and peach aren’t very interesting, but still wearable. It’s a neutral palette, and everyone wears neutral. I suspect this looks better on medium skin because the lighter shades will stand out more. On my lighter skin, the lighter shades just blend in without much contrast.

The 2 Ombre Premiere cream shadows are very reflective and to me, they work best as base shades. That’s mainly because these sort of light reflective colours will make my eyes look puffy and swollen. These are great on their own too, and I wish there is more depth to them. That’s purely personal preference of course.



Last but not least, the lipsticks. I have 2 jumbo lip crayons and 1 Rouge Allure Ink.



I love love love Cornaline. I can wear it full on opaque, or on top of lip balm for a more toned down look. Corail Intense is bright, young and fun while Bois Rose is a pinky nude that does not wash me out.

Below is a look I created using just a few products. I have the brown from the quad on my lids, Tweed Beige on my cheeks, White Opal to highlight and Cornaline on top of lip balm for a softer finish.



I am also wearing the Le Blanc cushion as base, and it makes my skin look flawless here! I didn’t realise it until I saw the photos. I wish the shift in the blush and highlighter show in pictures, but if you follow other accounts, I’m sure somehow or rather, you would have seen it. If not, I highly suggest you go swatch it yourself. The Chanel Pierres De Lumiere makeup collection is already in stores.

Did anything catch your eye?


xoxo Lily




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