Quick Review and Swatches: Chanel Spring Summer 2019 Makeup

Chanel released their Spring Summer 2019 Makeup early February, but I only just received them not long ago. You must have read the reviews online, and seen some swatches, but I just want to chime in and show you what the lipsticks look like on me. You know, in case you have similar skin colour, so it might be helpful.



I don’t have all the items, especially the coveted eyeshadow palette so you’ll have to go to the counter to have a look. The palette is limited edition, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Of the items here, the 2 Rouge Allure Velvets (RM138) are limited edition. They are 71 Nuance (beige nude) and 73 Imperial (berry). If you are looking for a matte lipstick that does not dry out the lips, then this is it. The formula is kind to those with dry lips as they are not the super long wearing formula that sucks out all the moisture from your lips. The finish is not fully matte, but more velvety, as the name implies. I love this formula. Easy to apply, comfortable to wear. I can also sheer it out by applying it on top of a lip balm, or go dramatic by applying a few layers.

The Rouge Allure Powder Matte (RM138) lipsticks are not new anymore. We have already seen it launch last year, and I didn’t like them very much. I gave it more chances, but I still don’t fancy the slippery silicone feel. It’s personal preference of course, because I know some really love it. The colour payoff is sheer, and to get the opacity shown in promo photos, you’d have to pile it on or apply it on top of another lipstick. On its own, it’s just a sheer lipstick. I very much prefer the Rouge Coco Shine because while sheerer, they are comfortable on the lips. Shown here are 962 Electric Blossom (bright coral) and 964 Bittersweet (purple berry).

Here are the swatches and how they look on me.



The new product that is launched in this collection is their Baume Essentiel (RM171). It is essentially a stick highlighter, and here, you see a transparent one, and a sculpting one which has shimmer. Glossy makeup is trendy nowadays, and these are easily used for glossy lids, and wet highlights. I have to warn you that they stay slightly tacky in case you think they will dry down. I tried the transparent one as a lip balm and it works too. If you like to experiment, then I think you’ll really like this. Or, if you go through tubes of lip balms in a short time, this can act as a giant lip balm. I use this more as a highlighter. Never on my lids. I put some on my 3rd and 4th fingers then gently pat on cheekbones, on top of powder. I do this as the very last step of makeup. I wouldn’t swipe it on my face because that will move all the makeup applied underneath.

I use the RMS Living Luminizer cream highlighter and the sculpting Baume Essentiel (the shimmery one) looks similar except it’s in stick form. I did not swatch that and left it untouched, because I want to share it with you and include it in my 9th blog anniversary giveaway.



The 2 nail polishes (RM103) in this collection are beautiful in colour. I fell in love with the blush nude 646 Bleached Mauve. It is the perfect balance of beige and rose, super easy to apply and very long wearing too. I’m glad it’s a permanent because I know I want to have this colour in my collection forever! I swatched it on my Instagram account, so pop on over to have a look. Le Vernis Neon in Techno Bloom (limited edition) is a deep matte fuchsia that looks surprisingly casual. However, I struggle to paint with this formula. I have to make sure I apply it evenly, or there will be streaks. It doesn’t last as long as Bleached Mauve because it started chipping on the 2nd day. Lovely colour, a bit fussy to wear for a newbie like me.



Last but not least, the Retractable Highlighter Brush 105 (RM137). It is the cutest brush I’ve seen. I put it against the lipsticks for you to see. It’s not that much bigger than a Rouge Allure Velvet. When closed, it is just the size of those mini mascaras you get as samples. The bristles are very soft and gentle on the skin. Instead of using it with the Baume Essentiel, I prefer to use it as a powder brush. It is the perfect size to set my undereyes. If I contour, I would use it for precise contouring as well. Retractable brushes are great for travel – compact and light, and this is no different. I washed it once, and experienced no shedding. A great quality brush!



That’s the end of my “quick review”. Quite lengthy huh? I didn’t expect to write so many words either. Thanks for reading as usual, and if there’s absolutely 1 item I’d pick, I’d go for the Le Vernis in Bleached Mauve. I LOVE it!! What tickles your fancy?


xoxo Lily




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