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PointClickCare Launches Mobile App For Senior Living: PointClickCare Companion

PointClickCare Launches Mobile App For Senior Living: PointClickCare Companion

Image result for pointclickcare logoPointClickCare, the leading cloud-based software vendor for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) and senior living sectors, announced today the launch of PointClickCare Companion. The new mobile app leverages the powerful design possibilities of iOS to significantly improve the way senior living providers track and manage the delivery and documentation of care services, medication, and billing.  In addition to Companion, PointClickCare will be showcasing a variety of significant new enhancements to its senior living platform while at the Argentum Senior Living Conference.

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“After gathering direct input from senior living communities, as an Apple mobility partner, we’ve harnessed iOS, the most robust development platform available to thoughtfully and confidently create a mobile experience that addresses providers’ complex needs while still keeping the simplicity and the user experience in mind,” says Travis Palmquist, vice president and general manager of senior living, PointClickCare. “As a result, we believe Companion’s sophisticated user interface and streamlined workflow capabilities will drive mobile-led business transformation and help to redefine and improve how communities provide resident care.”

By simplifying the critical task of patient documentation in an easy-to-use iOS app, PointClickCare Companion delivers unique benefits without interrupting the resident caregiver interaction, and provides senior living communities several significant outcomes, which include:

  • Enhanced resident experience: With immediate access to information on their iPhone or iPad, caregivers may reduce the time typically required for documenting a task. Tasks can be completed accurately and efficiently, in a timely and less clinical manner, increasing resident satisfaction with the service they are receiving.
  • Improved financial health: Senior living communities can quickly identify, capture, deliver and bill for ancillary services, as well as justify additional service billings (scheduled or unscheduled), with accurate documentation.
  • Expanded talent retention: Companion’s user-friendly tools empower staff to manage their day by simplifying the medication distribution and documentation process with intuitive workflows. Many activities of daily living (ADL) can be completed in 30 seconds or less at the point of care. Caregivers can spend more time focusing on patient care and less on administrative tasks

These outcomes can be further enhanced when Companion is integrated with other PointClickCare solutions, such as its point of care (POC) and electronic medication administration records (eMAR) modules.

“PointClickCare actively considered our feedback throughout the development process and, as a result, PointClickCare Companion’s interface and features have been shaped by clinical and resident care needs,” says Karen Camacho, director of information analytics, Elderwood. “I am confident that eMAR, combined with ADL, as well as the ability to easily document unscheduled tasks within one app, will streamline and revolutionize the way we interact with, and care for, residents on a daily basis.”

Additionally, PointClickCare Companion features rapid unlock PIN, allowing users to log in quickly throughout their shift when they have locked their device. PointClickCare Companion can be used on any iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 and above.

Greater medication management flexibility

In addition to recent platform enhancements that allow medication order entry, by either pharmacies or clinicians, Companion’s optimized medication management distribution and documentation capabilities are the latest output of PointClickCare’s flexibility-focused, medication management development efforts.

Moreover, PointClickCare’s recent acquisition of QuickMAR provides the LTPAC and senior living industry with additional flexibility and choice concerning medication management platform. The combination of two leading organizations will offer senior living customers and pharmacy partners greater flexibility in how they adopt and scale their resident care strategies while working through a single technology vendor.

Boosting performance in the business office

At Argentum, PointClickCare will be showcasing multiple products designed to help Senior Living providers increase both efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. PointClickCare’s new Payment Portal will be highlighted as a primary means to accelerate revenue cycle velocity and satisfy stakeholders.

“The process improvements to receiving and posting payments through the Payment Portal, and their resulting time savings in the business office, were truly eye opening,” says Tyler Rice, Heritage Pointe Communities, “and this is not to mention the immediate, positive reaction from our customers to have the ability to view statements and pay online.”

Other performance boosting products spotlighted at Argentum include PointClickCare’s CRM and Document Manager products, and an upcoming program aimed at helping Senior Living providers to optimize their services revenue.

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