My Focus Word + Intentions For 2019

Hiiiii, 2019!

Over the past few years I’ve preferred setting intentions for the new year rather than resolutions. I choose one big focus word for the year and then a few other intentions. I have nothing against resolutions, but this way has felt more fitting in recent years.

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My focus word for 2019 is FLOW

It took me awhile to land on this word, but once I did it felt perfect. And not just because I’m a yoga teacher…

Flow to me means hitting your groove. It’s when the work feels deliciously easy and you’re totally in the zone. I’ve been feeling the total opposite of flow lately. Everything feels jagged. I struggle to feel creative when I sit down to write. My schedule / life are all over the place. I can’t seem to get in the zone and stay present both as a blogger and yoga teacher.

With that idea of flow in mind, in 2019 I really want to optimize my schedule as a fitness instructor. I viewed 2018 as a year of building. Building my schedule as a yoga teacher. Even just building my confidence and skills as a yoga teacher. I said YES as much as I could. But now I’m looking to optimize and create a schedule that works better for me (and my sanity…)


My intentions for 2019:

✨ THRIVE not survive

I’ve felt like I’m in survival mode lately. I’m just trying to get to the end of the week or to my next break. Shits been BUSY, which is great, but it’s also left me feeling burnt out.

Similar to the above idea of optimizing my schedule, I want to thrive in 2019 rather than feel like I’m constantly riding the struggle bus.


✨ stay Grounded in who I am

I spent the last week of 2018 doing some soul searching. Who am I as a person and who do I want to be as a blogger / content creator / working human that makes enough money to pay the bills. I’m not a fitness blogger anymore. It scares me to say that — it’s the identity I created this blog with! But it’s no longer what I’m excited to talk about. Nor has it been for a while now.

Going forward I want to stay grounded in who I am and I want the content I create to truly reflect this as well. And this goes for job opportunities / sponsored posts/ etc. that come my way in 2019. If they don’t mesh with who I am and the direction I’m heading in? I say thanks but no thanks.


✨ Cultivate community

I’ve been craving community. Yes I have incredible friends from growing up + people I’ve met in my 20’s. But I’ve been wanting a deeper connection. Hosting my annual vision board party in December reminded me just how much I love gathering with people to have deep, meaningful, conversations. I don’t know how i’m going to do this in 2019. But it’s something my soul is asking for.


✨ Sign off

I spent the last few days logged off instagram. It was glorious. Seriously. I thought I’d miss scrolling or feel FOMO. I did not.

I’m not going to hate on instagram — I’m so grateful for this app and the people it’s connected me to. Without it the only people reading this blog would be my mom and my grandma (hi!). But I also see how much if messes with my emotions. I want to sign off more going forward. Less screen time and more face-to-face time.


✨ Remember: I am enough

I was recently texting with Jeremy [as we do all the time being in a long distance relationship] and he asked me how my day was. Immediately I typed back — “It was good! Super productive.”

Oh shit, I’ve been associating productive with good. If my day isn’t productive, i almost always feel like the day was utter crap. Unless of course my goal of the day was in fact to be lazy.

I don’t always feel like I am enough. Like I’m doing enough. Like I’m making enough money [fact] or like my blog / instagram amount to enough. I literally put up a post-it over my desk to remind myself I AM ENOUGH. And so are you 💗


✨Take care of me

As the saying goes: put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

I haven’t been taking care of me. And my body is screaming at me because of it. I’m dealing with what might be an autoimmune disorder that pops up and kicks my ass at the most inconvenient times. I legit don’t remember what my voice used to sound like because it’s always raspy AF. And I’m just plain tired from being in the hot room for 3 hours a day teaching.

Going forward I want to remember to take care of me first, as selfish as it feels. No one else is going to look out for me but me.


✨ Have more fun

A few weeks ago I went to my friend’s engagement party. I had SO much fun hanging out with our friends and doing something totally not related to work. It was then that I realized I haven’t been having much fun lately. Most of my life lately has been hiding out in my apartment so I can focus on work or teaching yoga.

Hustling is great. But it’s also important to have fun and do things totally unrelated to work.


✨ blend WELLNESS and hustle

Is it possible to blend wellness + hustle? I don’t know. But it’s something I want to explore — and blog about — in 2019. How can I make this hustle a less of a struggle?

YOUR TURN: Did you set intentions for 2019 or a focus word?

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