Make Sh!t Happen: The Three Steps I’m taking to bring my dreams into reality (+ free planner!)

How is your 2019 going so far?

Not gonna lie, mine is so-so thus far. I haven’t been feeling 100% but I think (and hope!) I’m on the mend.

There is all this pressure for the new year to be OMG MAGICAL right from the start. Pressure to hit the ground running right away with whatever your goals or intentions are for this year. Remember that it’s okay if your 2019 is off to a slow start. It doesn’t mean you’re totally screwed for the rest of the year.

Today I wanted to chit-chat about one of my favorite topics: making shit happen and therefore making your dreams become a reality.

I got some big ass plans for 2019, both financially and personally. And if you’ve stumbled upon this blog somehow I’m going to guess you’ve got big plans for 2019 as well. Am I right?

SO, here’s how I’m making shit happen in 2019:

my secret to making shit happen and turning my dream into reality

The Three Steps I’m taking to bring my dreams into reality

I’m getting clear about what I want to accomplish.

I spent much of 2018 soul searching for the big answer to the question What do I want to be when I grew up. Okay so I’m 28 years old and still don’t 100% know the answer to that question. But I’m getting clearer about my answer thanks to journaling and a whole lot of introspecting.

The truth is, until I got clear about what I wanted in life and my career, it felt impossible to go after that dream. Once I figured out that I wanted to pursue fitness full-time and blogging on the side I was able to start taking the necessary steps to make that happen. It also helped me say no to opportunities that don’t fit in with that ultimate.

You can’t go after a dream you don’t know you have. If your still feeling a bit lost about what exactly it is you want to accomplish take a step back. Journal about it. Ask yourself the right questions to help narrow down your focus.


I’m getting loud about what I want.

I am super vocal about my career aspirations. For starters I share them on this here blog + instagram, but I’m also vocal to my friends. By telling my friends about those goals and being super loud about it, I know they’ll think of me if they see an opportunity that I’m a perfect fit for. It’s how I’ve gotten many of my freelance writing gigs and been told about various fitness auditions.

Legit this past week I had lunch with a friend. She was telling me that she’s looking to take on more freelance social media clients. Sure enough last week another friend of mine reached out asking if I can recommend any social media freelancers. I immediately thought of that friend from lunch.

It can be scary to tell people about your hopes, dreams and career aspirations but it’s paid off SO much for me. Don’t be afraid to be shamelessly loud about your career aspirations — people are going to want to help get you there!


I’m getting organized.

As cliche as it sounds there is SO much I want to do, and it always feels like there’s so little time.

The more organized I am with my schedule, the more productive I am. I might be a millennial but I’m actually totally old school and prefer to use a paper + pen planner rather than g-cal.

If you’re struggling to make shit happen block out that time in your schedule. Maybe you’re trying to sit down and write the novel or screenplay you’re always talking about. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of launching your own blog or working towards a certification of sorts. Whatever it is, make the time for it in your schedule. Even when you’re super busy, sitting down and getting organized will help you notice the little pockets of time for creativity in your schedule.

Write down your obvious commitments: work obligations, meetings, phone calls, etc. Then also write the additional nitty gritty details of what I want to get done when.

As I said, I personally prefer using a paper and pen planner rather than g-cal when I’m planning out my week. I’ve always been a very kinesthetic person and find the literal act of writing soothing. Every Sunday I sit down map out my week on a sheet of paper. Not only does it help me get shit done, but it also makes me feel less stressed about the week ahead.

The weekly planner:

I decided to make my own weekly planner that I print out every week. I wanted one that starts on Mondays (mentally for me that’s how I like to look at my week ahead) and had enough space to write out every part of my day. It also has a spot for me to set an intention for the week.

You ready to get organized and make shit happen? Fill out the form below to download PDF for the weekly planner I created:


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