weight loss over 60

Lose Weight Over 60

Lose Weight Over 60

Women over 60, you may think that it’s “too late” to make healthy changes and become strong and more fit after the age of 60. But it’s not true! You truly can improve your health and fitness levels at any age. If you want to Lose Weight Over 60, Hitch Fit can help. Our online personal training plans include teaching you healthy eating habits, that include a wide variety of healthy foods, and teaching you how to exercise, especially strength training, which is SO important..truly critical to staying strong and energetic and preserving lean muscle tissue as you make your way through your 60’s.

I’d like to share the stories of a few of our Hitch Fit clients that I believe you will find extremely inspiring. These women are all 60 or over, and all had jaw dropping, remarkable transformations. Yes, there were certainly obstacles to work around or through with each of these amazing women. But when they started, they were just like you, they weren’t sure they could make improvements, but once they got started, they were blown away at what was possible at 60 and beyond!!

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lose weight over 60


  1. At age 60, Donna wanted to keep up with her young grandchildren. Boy are they cuties!! She was gifted a Hitch Fit plan by her daughter who had also gone through a transformation with us. Donna wasn’t sure what she could achieve at age 60, but she just began and took one day at a time. 22 pounds later, she felt amazing and strong. She had so much more energy for life and for those beautiful kiddos! Way to go Donna!

weight loss over 60

fit over 60 women


2. At age 65, Rosie came to me because she wanted to continue living her active lifestyle which included travel and being a basketball referee! She was considering retiring because her knees hurt her and she was lacking the strength and energy she felt she needed to keep up. She started strength training and got her eating habits on track. She initially thought that if she could “just lose 10 pounds” she would feel so much better. Well, when she hit 10, she kept right on going to get her body fat to a healthy place! After a 25 pound loss, she felt so much stronger and energized, that she kept right on reffing, and still doesn’t plan to retire for a few more seasons!

weight loss after 60


3. Nancy is a school teacher who at age 60 didn’t think that she would be able to lose weight. But she wanted to give it a try, for herself, and to be an inspiration to her students. Well, what she didn’t think was possible after age 60… WAS in fact possible! Nancy lost 20 pounds and gained strength and achieved her goal of inspiring her students to be healthy!


lose weight over 60

4. Vickie had held a dream her entire life. She wanted to get in great shape and do a fitness competition. At 60, she thought that time had simply run out on this dream. But I assured her it was possible if she wanted to go for it. Now most women in their 60’s may not have the dream of competing, but Vickie’s story is hugely inspiring to show just how much IS possible at 60 and beyond! Vickie’s transformation took TIME. And we did it in phases. Do not think that a transformation like this happened overnight. She was diligent and gained strength, and most importantly, a load of self confidence! She ended up losing over 50 pounds, and she stepped on that stage to celebrate the achievement of a lifetime!! What an inspiration!


Fit over 60 women


Are you over 60 and want to make some healthy changes or lose some weight and get in great shape? I can tell you that it IS possible. We at Hitch Fit are so grateful for these women who have chosen to share their stories to inspire others. If they inspired YOU you can get signed up for a Hitch Fit online personal training plan now, and get started with your coach, Hitch Fit Owner Diana LaCerte. Write to [email protected] if you have questions or want to know more about how Hitch Fit works!





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