Join Me For B-School! My Mini Mentorship Group (deets & FAQ’s about the program inside)

So, here’s the truth: I never promote anything. I don’t even allow ads on my blog (never have). Because I hate it. It feels so salesy and weird to me. But, this is something so different.

But if you’ve been following along my business blog series this past month, you guys know that Marie Forleo’s 8 week bschool program was the big thing for me and my business. The catalyst that changed it all, especially for building a business with a online and scalable component to it, instead of being limited by the hours I had in the day.

It was the thing that took my business from crazy one-woman-circus to a beautiful and inspiring life, that just keeps seeming to get better and gorgeously expand with time.

And, in case you’re getting that “YES!!” in your gut, like I did, here’s something awesome to know:

Her program registration opened this week and closes quickly again THIS FRIDAT, MARCH 1st.

It’s literally the only time of the year it’s available. One time, every year.

And there’s something else I want you to know:

I truly believe in this program’s life-changing power so wholeheartedly.

I’ve done it myself. I’ve met so many amazing people through the process, and have heard their stories too.

They still make me cry, and continue to motivate me, through all the ups and downs this crazy journey can bring.

I also know that Marie Forleo is one of the most giving, generous, heart of gold, and by far, one of the smartest women I’ve ever known.

I’ve met her in person. Sat on her couch at MarieTV, and she is exactly as she seems- authentic, real, with a soul for serving other women.  Her advice, over the course of the YEARS that I have followed her, is always so honest, right on point, and so whipsmart. In equal part a loving way, and in equal parts in a I’m-gonna-kindly-push-you-and-call-you-out-in-just-the-right-way, when you need it most.

I also know, that if you’re ready, there’s a reason you’re reading this post. You’ve been guided here.

I have chills, just writing that.

I know, because I was the same way.

So, last year, I officially became a bschool partner. Like that I am now on the same level as the women that I looked up to when I started. Which is craz-y. What?!

It’s an honor, and something I don’t take lightly.

It also means that anyone who takes the jump through me, gets access to a private bonus coaching group with me, for the whole way through her program, AND the months after. With all the things I wish that I had, when I went through it myself.

And it’s totally free, doesn’t cost anything extra for you, and is included when you register here, using this link only.

It’s my way of giving back.

In doing so, not only will I become a mentor to all my #ladyboss babes through the 8 week process, but way beyond. I’ll be forming a group of my little babies, as I like to call it.

To help, guide and hold their hands through the process, no matter where they are in their online business creation (and expansion!) process.

So they can stand on my shoulders. To go for their dreams. And have all the support and love and tools that they need to make it happen.

Oo wee, it gives me chills to think about.

(and automatically join in my bonus mentorship group when you use this link! If you’re not sure if it worked, feel free to email us at to confirm). 

B School Extras with Sarah:

  • A private one-on-one business strategy coaching session with Sarah (for the first 15 women that register) ($795 value) 
  • A exclusive small group private Facebook group & a mini mastermind to meet other women with big dreams and ask for help (this will exist forever for continual support) ($2,000 value)
  • 3 extra small group Q + A calls through the program for extra accountability when you need it most in those first few months ($3,000 value)
  • A free copy of The Simply Real Health Cookbook (to keep or gift to someone else) ($38 value ) (shipped anywhere in the US only)
  • Help, love & authentic support through the whole process via email, group forum and monthly calls ($3,000 value)
  • that’s over $9,000 in extra bonuses!

Check out some other amazing, real-life, personal stories from this program, here.

Or, take the full tour for all the details here and see how it works.

And, if you didn’t catch my interview with Marie herself, all about the story of Simply Real Health, watch it here. I’m in video #3! These vids expire next week so be sure to check it out.


  1. What if I don’t have a concrete business idea? Or a few ideas? Should I wait, or is now the right time? 

This is such a great question, and one I get SO OFTEN. Here’s my thoughts, knowing what I know about what’s inside. The first module is all about starting the right business and leads you through exercises that you can take any or all of your ideas for a test drive first to see if it has legs to be a profitable concept. So if you have a idea (or a few) it can actually be a great way to test this out in a safe space, without investing too much more time or energy into it. As long as you have something to role with and a concept you like enough to take through all 8 modules, it would be super helpful! Even if you decide to switch or change ideas, you will always have her formula to repeat with any business idea (and access always, year after year as alumni to repeat or get into your dashboard). I think there’s a lot to be said about saying YES to yourself and the momentum this program has with so many other women doing it at the same time— it’s super motivating. But again, only YOU know yourself, the pings your getting, and if this would be a motivating step up to take action on some of those dreams inside your head, or whether it’s smarter for you to spend time exploring your interests first before learning the business end of things.

2. $2,000 is so much money. I’m afraid. Is it really worth it?

Yes, I know it! Trust me. When I did B-School, $2,000 was the amount I had used to start my business in total. Like aka, all I had. Now, after doing so many personal and business development things over the years, I know that $2,000 is so inexpensive, especially for the incredible amount of value you get inside (and for the rest of your life as an alumni). Energetically, investing money of any kind into yourself is scary– because well, what if you don’t uphold your word to yourself? But that’s exactly the point. If it was free, you wouldn’t be as likely to take it seriously. Now,  I love imagining the energetic exchange with the universe when I step up to the plate and invest in myself. And trusting when I feel those instinctive pings that I’m answering the call. It always, always comes back to me ten fold- money wise and otherwise. Every. Single. Time.

BUT– please, be smart. There is a pay plan that makes things so much more doable, and there is no shame in that. But only you know yourself and your financial situation best. If you have a lot of inner self-worth work to do to make sure you show up for yourself when you do invest in yourself, then that might be a better place to start. But, that being said. It’s worth asking yourself if you’re having a block to spending the money because you truly don’t have it and it’s not a wise move for you, or if you just have limiting beliefs. Paying to commit to something is highly motivating in my book.

3. I’m scared of buying it and not finishing it. 

Truth: it took me 3 years to actually finish every single module. Wanna know why? I started and was ALL IN. Year one when I signed up, I made it to module 5 before things started exploding from following her guidance. So much so, I didn’t have time to finish. A good thing, really. The next year, I found an accountability partner and made it to Module 7, and SAME THING. Ha. Things exploded again because I was getting even more from it the second time around. Cue year 3 and I finally made it. Thank goodness it’s a lifetime membership, because every time I did it, I gained something new.

On this note, I think this is exactly why it’s so helpful to do this in a small group– this would have helped me SO MUCH, which is why I’m offering and leading it. The accountability in doing that is such a real thing.

But again, if you have inner limiting beliefs, and you get in your own way a lot and sabotage yourself, well, doing the Simply Real Life program might be more helpful for you first. Like I said, being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok! I just want to be as real as possible about what it takes.

Other Questions about Whether B-School Is Right For You?

Feel free to email me and I’m so happy to chat if you have any personal questions, or wonder if it’s the right fit for what you want to do! Send me a note to or send me a message on instagram  @simplyrealhealth.

Did you see this week’s LIVE Q + A on Ask Me Anything About Business? Catch the replay link here. It’s full of juicy stuff, no matter where you’re at in the journey, I promise.

photos by Carina Skrobecki

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