How To Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

What would make sticking to your fitness resolutions a little easier on you this year? How about some fresh, new exercises paired with positive affirmations to get your mind involved in the process? Health and Fitness Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach Stephanie Mansour stopped by Fox NY to demo these four powerful combo moves.

By assigning emotional and intellectual meaning to workout moves you’ll be more motivated to do them—ask any of my successful private weight loss clients!

If you dread working out, dislike sweating, or getting out of breath, I think this workout will really help you get your mind right! Get ready to work it out mentally and physically.

Lengthen & Strengthen

Our first move goes along with the phrase: I love to lengthen and strengthen.

Grab a pair of light dumbbells, begin standing up straight, abs pulled in tight. Take a step back into a high lunge position, raise the dumbbells straight up and overhead. Now slowly bring the weights back down and as you do, bring your back leg forward and lift your knee towards your chest. This is one rep.

Do at least five on one leg before you switch up sides, if you’re feeling really good go for ten!

The Side Sizzler

Let’s get that waistline sizzling! Start a fire in your core with this oblique-sculpting move.

Bend your arm so one dumbbell is in line with your ear and the other dumbbell should hang down by your opposite side. First lean sideways towards the relaxed dumbbell side as far as you can, while pressing the opposite weight up. Now come back through center, returning the up dumbbell to it’s bent arm position by that ear, and crunch that elbow towards its same side knee.

You’re working both sides in this one move, but still switch up which side you crunch to every other set.

I’m a Star

It wouldn’t be a full body workout without some sort of squat variation, am I right?

Take your feet a little wider than the hips and turn your toes out. With the weights down in front of you, bring the arms up into a V position as you squat down. Lower the weights as you stand back up. That’s one rep. The mantra to repeat to yourself while doing this exercise is of course: I am a star!

If you’re feeling really strong here and want to step it up you can try adding in a little jump and telling yourself you’re a shooting star!

Take a Bow

You’re on the final exercise, so don’t forget to take a bow. You can even imagine people are clapping and cheering for you, this will help you feel good about finishing a workout and excited to do it again!

From standing lift your weights out to either side as you take one foot back behind the opposite leg and drop down into a curtsy. Come back up as you drop the weights and immediately take it to the other side. This will get your blood pumping!

For more of my signature moves check out my Step It Up with Steph Workout DVD.

Be proud of yourself for working out, and know that I’m proud of you too!

As a private weight loss coach and a private fitness coach for women, I specialize in helping successful women lose weight.


If you’re looking for a life coach, a wellness coach, or a confidence coach in Chicago and beyond, you’ve come to the right place! As a certified personal trainer for women, Yoga Instructor in Chicago, Pilates Instructor in Chicagoland, and certified professional life coach in Chicago, I work with successful women across the country as a private weight loss coach for women.


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