get a dream body - diana chaloux Lacerte of Hitch Fit

How to get the Body of Your Dreams – and Why you Should Go For It!

How to get the Body of Your Dreams…

And WHY you Should Go For It!

get a dream body - diana chaloux Lacerte of Hitch Fit

Are you dying to know how to get the body of your dreams? Do you want to be one of those people who walks into a room and makes every head turn and conversations stop? How does being self confident, loving how you look, being full of energy, having a low risk of disease development and leading a higher quality and quantity of life sound to you?  It sounds pretty good to me! I’ve got a secret. I know how you can achieve all of these things. Patience, patience… I’m going to tell you. But before I spill the beans I’ve got to warn you. It’s not a miracle pill, it’s not a fad diet, and it’s not the latest greatest thigh master machine.

The secret to success, the key to reaping all of these amazing benefits is this… drum roll please… proper nutrition and exercise!

Millions of people across the globe are struggling with their weight. Health and fitness seems to have fallen to the bottom of the priority list for so many and that is having severe repercussions on our society as a whole. I have spoken with countless men and women who look in the mirror and are disgusted and frustrated by the physical reflection that they see. What happened? Somewhere along the road, life got in the way. The thought of making lifestyle changes seems daunting, but all it takes is making that first step. In order to motivate you to take some action, lets look at all the perks of achieving your very own fit physique!

How to get the body of your dreams

If you make healthy eating choices and exercise (cardio and strength training) on a regular basis your dream body can be a reality. What’s even better is that the rewards you reap by living fit go WAY beyond what you can see on the outside.

Check out ALL the benefits that YOU can attain with healthy nutrition and exercise! (Resources: American Council on Exercise ; American Heart Association; Center for Disease Control ; American Diabetes Association ; American Diabetes Organization )

  1. Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
  2. Reduce your risk of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes; heart disease; high blood pressure; high cholesterol; and certain types of cancer.

*Research Shows! Studies conducted by Frank Hu, the assistant professor of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, show that people can reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 50% just by accruing one hour of moderate physical activity per day. Frequent and vigorous exercise is even more beneficial and has been actually shown to increase life span and decrease risk of cardiovascular disease.  To read his report visit: 

  1. If you already have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol you can control and potentially eliminate them.

*Research Shows! According to the American Council on Exercise improvements in blood pressure can be seen simply by conducting as little as three low to moderate intensity cardio sessions per week. The frequency and duration of these workouts should increase as fitness levels improve until they are being performed 5-6 times per week for 30-60 minutes. Strength training should also be incorporated as fitness levels increase. For more information visit:

  1. Reduce or eliminate the amount of medications that you may be currently taking.
  2. Build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.
  3. Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.
  4. Maintain lower levels of stress and higher levels of well being, improved quality of life.

get a dream body over 50!

*Research Shows! Check out these results from the DREW study (Dose Response to Exercise in postmenopausal Women) conducted at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Overweight and obese women who exercised consistently for six months experienced 7 percent increase physical function and general health, 16.6 percent improvement in vitality, 11.5 percent improvement in their ability to perform work and other activities, 11.6 percent improvement in overall  emotional health and more than 5 percent in social functioning. For more information visit:

  1. Reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease or having a stroke.
  2. Stay active and functional in your later years.

*Research Shows! The American Council on Exercise conducted a study on older adults to determine the “real world” benefits that functional fitness training would have. The conclusion of the study showed that in under a month the individuals participating in functional training had significant improvements in ADL “activities of daily living”. Check out the results of this study here:

  1. Stronger heart and lungs.


Think the list is over? Think again! Let’s look at some more AWESOME benefits of living fit…


  1. Improved self confidence and higher self esteem.
  2. A longer life!

dream body diet and workout plan

*Research Shows! According to a study conducted by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, men who were “highly fit” had a 50% chance lower risk of death and “low fit” men. Men who were “very highly fit” had a 70% chance lower risk of death.  They showed that longevity can be improved with something as simple as 30 minutes of exercise per day. Check out the report on this study here:

  1. Increased energy levels and lower fatigue levels.
  2. Improved sleep
  3. Improved relationships with spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend due to increased self esteem.
  4. Improved relationships with spouse, family, friends, co-workers due to greater feelings of well being, lower stress levels.
  5. Feeling proud of what you see when you look in the mirror.
  6. The ability to perform your job and other daily tasks at a higher level due to improved physical fitness.
  7. The ability to wear the clothes that you want to wear and know that you look great!
  8. The opportunity to set a healthy role model for your loved ones including children, spouse, friends or family members who may be struggling with their own health and fitness issues.
  9. The ability to start a chain reaction of fitness. People are always curious about what you are doing when they see your body start to transform, you have the opportunity to inspire and motivate others just by doing it yourself!
  10. The sweet satisfaction of knowing that YOU hold within yourself the power and the ability to make the right choices which will lead to a gorgeous body and a healthier YOU inside and out.
  11. Fewer orthopedic problems due to less stress on the joints.
  12. Avoid female fertility issues
  13. Normal libido
  14. Less risk of developing asthma
  15. Decreased risk of developing skin disease and liver disease

dream body diet plan


You would think with all of these wonderful benefits, everyone would want to stay on track and take care of their bodies. Unfortunately that is not the case. The statistics are VERY SCARY! Obesity is a global epidemic. It is especially severe in the United States, according to the World Health Organization ( ) over 30% of the population suffering from obesity and obesity related diseases. Approximately 60% of the population is at least overweight. More than 50% of the United States residents do not perform enough physical activity to reap any health benefits and 25% do absolutely NO physical activity in their leisure time.

If that’s not enough to inspire some changes, how about the fact that these unhealthy trends are affecting our children and future generations. According to the American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Foundation’s publication “A Nation at Risk: Obesity in the United States” (for a downloadable version visit ) 16% of the children in the United States are overweight or obese and these numbers are on the rise! If eating and exercise changes aren’t made the lifespan of these children will be cut by two to five years (statistics come from the Center for Disease Control ).

I hear people joke about their weight and trivialize the importance of their health on a regular basis. It’s really not a laughing matter when you see how risky it is to lead an unfit and unhealthy lifestyle. The benefits of a healthy living are undeniable, so it’s time to pay attention and take some action.

After taking a look at the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition are you ready to make some changes and start the journey towards your dream body and overall improved wellness? If your answer is yes then you need to take action and start today. Here are my top tips to get you on stride towards a hot body and a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Ask yourself WHY you want to change your body and your lifestyle. You must know what is motivating you in order to maintain focus when faced with temptation.
  2. Accept that you possess the power and the responsibility for all the choices that you make when it comes to food and exercise.
  3. Once you have figured out what your ultimate motivation is, write it down or find a picture that reminds you of it. Keep it where you can see it every day!
  4. Set goals for yourself, short term and long term goals. Write them down and keep them in a place where you can review them on a regular basis.
  5. Start small. Trying to revamp your entire lifestyle in a week is not reasonable if you are looking for long term success. Find one or two small changes that you can commit to this week in your eating and exercise habits (add in a walk, take the stairs, limit and eventually eliminate the amount of sodas, cookies, candy or chips that you consume in a day).
  6. Get rid of the temptation. Go through your house and literally throw out foods that are going to tempt you. Do this now. Don’t wait until later when you may be less motivated to just get rid of them!
  7. Each week continue to make small changes and be consistent with your commitments until they are habit.
  8. Find someone to support you. Maybe it is a spouse, friend or family member. Tell them about your goals so that they can encourage you. Set up a Bodyspace profile for and start making supportive fitness friends there as well!
  9. Find activities that you enjoy doing, there is such a wide variety of types of exercise for you to choose from, pick one that you will like to do on a regular basis.
  10. Get excited. You are about to embark on a journey that will change your body and your life.

dream bikini body


Can you attain the body of your dreams? You are the only one who can answer that question. Eliminate the thought of quick fixes and miracle pills from your mind. Anything that is worthwhile is going to take some time to attain. The most important thing is that you don’t procrastinate for a minute longer! Get motivated today, make a commitment, get your health and fitness on track and get that rockin’ body as a perk to your new lifestyle. The sky is the limit when it comes to going after your fitness dreams and uncovering your true physical potential. The external and internal benefits you will reap are priceless!

If you’re ready to work towards YOUR dream body. Hitch Fit is here to help! With the #1 Online Personal Training programs available globally, customized for you, and with personal support from Hitch Fit master transformers Micah and Diana LaCerte, you can be successful at not just changing what your body looks like on the outside, but enjoying all the amazing internal benefits too!

how to get your dream body

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