How To Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed and Aesthetic.

Once upon a time you could post whatever you wanted to instagram. Add a filter on the app and BAM! you’re done.

Nowadays creating an instagram aesthetic is a thing. I often times really wish it wasn’t and miss being able to post anything and everything to IG, but I also understand why it’s important. As a blogger I know my instagram feed is frequently someones first impression of me, who I am and what I do. I want those 9 little squares to accurately reflect both me and my brand.

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I create my instagram “look”. I won’t pretend I have the most beautiful, perfectly curated, feed out there, but over the years I’ve figured out a way to make everything I post feel “on-brand.”

Here are my tips for creating a consistent, on-brand, instagram feed:

How To create a cohesive instagram feed and aesthetic.

How To Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Edit all your photos the same way.

Editing all your photos using the same formula makes a huge difference in creating a cohesive “look” for your feed. I personally stick to VSCO as my editing app of choice, but I also know a lot of bloggers that swear by the Lightroom mobile app.

You gotta find your own style of editing, depending on the vibe of your instagram. For me personally, I tend to:

  • increase exposure
  • increase contrast
  • lower temperature (more blue)
  • increase sharpness
  • add the AL1 filter

I like that on VSCO you can copy and paste edits from one photo to another — super helpful if you’re editing a batch of photos from on shoot.

Also a note about photos: 99% of my photos are taken on my iPhone by my boyfriend or my dad. For realz! I rarely work with a photographer because it’s not in my budget right now. Don’t let lack of professional photos discourage you — all you need is a willing instagram boyfriend / husband / dad 😂, portrait mode, and you’re set!


Plan out your grid

I use the [free!] app UNUM to plan out my grid and what it’s going to look like before I post. I’ll realize I’ve posted A LOT of yoga photos and need to post something different to mix things up. Or maybe I’m posting too many photos of matcha and need to show my face some more 🙂

UNUM also let’s you know the best times to post and best hashtags. I’m OBSESSED with this app.


Find your colors

Everyone knows I freaking LOVE turquoise. My bedroom is turquoise. My nails are almost always turquoise. You get the picture.

Turquoise feels very “me” and because of that I like to share a lot of it (and my second favorite color pink) on my instagram feed. I’m super particular about finding pops of turquoises and pinks while also avoiding reds and dark green. It’s also no accident that these are the main colors I feature on this blog as well.

Figure out your signature color — what are the colors your gravitate towards and want to post a lot of on instagram? What colors are on your website? Seek out those colors — and take photos highlighting those colors! I’m always on the lookout for pops of turquoise and pink to feature on my instagram.


Create a theme

I feel like my instagram feed *really* started to feel cohesive when I started my theme of posting lots of text images in my signature colors of turquoise + millennial pink. For me it works — it’s funny, on brand, and it makes my feed feel uniform. Which is a look I’m going for.

There are a bunch of ways you can theme your instagram — maybe every other photo is a text image. Or every 3 photos. Maybe you alternate between posting photos that feature you with photos that are of objects. Play around with it (in UNUM of course!) and find a theme that works for you and what YOU do. Just because I love text images doesn’t mean that’s theme is a perfect fit for you too.

Your turn: What are your favorite hacks for creating a cohesive instagram feed? What other social media questions do you want me to chitchat about?

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