how to be productive when you work from home

How To Be Productive When You Work From Home

love working from home. So so so much. As an introvert I feel like I’m in my safe little cocoon of silence whereas at coffee shops I’m always distracted and on high alert of my surroundings. At home there’s no one bothering me. And I get to wear cozy slippers.

I’ve lived in my apartment for almost 9 years now, since my junior year of college to be exact. When I first moved in I SUCKED at getting work done in my apartment. If I had to write an essay to study for an exam I’d march straight to the campus library a few blocks away because I knew there was no way in hell I’d get it done at home.

Clearly things have changed since then and now I couldn’t imagine leaving my apartment to get work done.

It took me a few years to figure out what works for me when it comes to working from home and getting shit DONE but now I freaking LOVE it.

how to be productive when you work from home


I have a devoted space for work

I live in a teeny tiny apartment with a small living room and one bedroom. In the future of course I’d love to have a devoted second bedroom that I can devote to being my office space. But for now I just have a section of my bedroom as my home office. There’s not a ton of room in my bedroom but I do have a:

  • desk + comfy chair
  • computer monitor so I can hook up my laptop and work on two screens
  • printer
  • filing cabinet to stash things like my camera accessories and various notebooks

Do I wish I didn’t work 3 feet away from my bed? Yes. But in New York you do whatever it takes to make it work.


I sit down at my desk to get work done

Don’t get me wrong, I love working from my snuggly bed as much as the next person. But if I really really need to power through some work like a total boss, I gotta sit at my desk.

If you can squeeze even a teeny tiny desk into your living space, DO IT. For me it’s made a HUGE difference in my productivity. I know when I sit down at my desk it’s time to get sh*t done whereas on the couch I tend to lounge and take my sweet ass time getting work done.

I won’t pretend I exclusively work from my desk 100% of the time. There are certainly days where I answer emails while also watching a Say Yes to the Dress on the couch. Or days when I get all cozy in my bed. But I know for me that if I’m getting super serious about work, though, I head to my desk. Which is of course where I’m typing out this blog post.


I created a work environment I love.

The wall adjacent to my desk used to be covered in a massive photo college I created when I moved into my apartment. I’m talking a full freaking wall of printed out photos from my life. After a few years I realized as much as I loved this photo wall and the people in the photos, it made my work space feel so so so cluttered.

I took all the photos down and hung up a few things above my desk:

  • a “good things come to those who hustle” poster.
  • my vision board for 2019 + personal mission statement
  • a photo of me + my childhood BFFs and our significant others

How To Work From Home Like a Total Boss

I love love love having my vision board + intentions above my desk. Before I say YES to any major partnership or opportunity I take a peak at both as ask myself if this opportunity is inline with my vision for 2019 as well as my intentions.


I change up my environment

As much as I love my desk, sometimes I can feel a little stir crazy sitting in one spot for hours at a time. While I was writing my thesis for grad school this summer [ugh] I’d rotate to different spots in my apartment to keep things fresh. I’d start off at my desk and then do a little writing from my kitchen counter. Then maybe set up shop on my windowsill and then rotate back to my desk. While I know I do my best work while sitting at my desk, sometimes I also need to change things up.


I stash my phone far far away

When I worked in an office I felt super self conscious about texting throughout the day and being on my phone. I didn’t want my boss to think I was slacking in any way. Working from home I don’t have that same guilt which means sometimes I spend a stupid amount of time scrolling instagram or texting people instead of answering emails and writing blog posts.

While I was writing my thesis for grad school this summer I got super strict about using my phone while I was working. I’d put my phone on silent and stash it away in the other room. That way I couldn’t be distracted by every little ping and notification I received. I’d set an alarm for 45 minutes. During those 45 minutes I’d work work work work work without distraction — no instagram, no facebook, no browsing blogs, no nothing. At the end of the 45 minutes I’d set my timer for a 15 minute break. During those 15 minutes I could do whatever the hell I wanted guilt-free. It kept me super on task for the 45 minutes and then I felt less guilty perusing instagram during my “break time.” It made a huge difference… and eventually I did finish that stupid thesis.


I take lots of breaks

As a yoga teacher I’m literally forced to leave my apartment to teach. But even on days I’m not teaching a lot I make myself leave my apartment. Maybe it’s just to pick up coffee at the nearby Starbucks. Head to Bar Method for a workout. Maybe I take a 45 minute walk while listening to a podcast. Even if you love your home as much as I do it’s also important to breathe in some fresh air, get outside, and change your environment. Then when you get back it will feel extra cozy to put your slippers back on and work in your pajamas.


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