How Personal Trainers Stay in Shape (as seen on NBC NEWS BETTER)

One question my personal weight loss clients are always asking me is what I do to stay in shape and maintain my healthy lifestyle. They’re always shocked to learn how many workouts I do in the comfort of my own home, or wherever I’m traveling! 

Staying motivated fitness wise is easy when you’re enjoying what you’re doing. I always encourage my clients to do exercises that they have fun doing! About a year ago I started learning how to play tennis and found out that I loved it. I enjoy myself so much when I’m playing tennis that I forget about how great of a workout I’m getting. 

Another trick I do to stay in shape is to do things that make myself feel good. Every week I make sure to squeeze in Pilates classes, tennis, and massages along with my traditional workouts. These are the parts of my workout routine that really help to clear my mind and do good for my body! Pilates classes are some of my favorites to take because of how great they are for my back. 

Are you interested in seeing my weekly workout schedule, along with the workout schedules of other fitness professionals that I shared with NBC News Better? Click here



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