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For the first post of 2019, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year. It seems to be obligatory to look back and then make resolutions for this new year, but I think I’ll be a rebel and not do that. I never stick to resolutions and the past is gone. Just memories and lessons learned.

And of course, we hope to learn our lessons.

Instead, let’s talk about how to change a bad habit. That’s because I have a terrible habit that I want to change. I have a habit of not sticking to things for long. Is this a bad trait instead of habit? Then how can I change? I need your input / advice on this.

I’d mean well, and create this little positive goal for myself, and I’d probably work towards it for a short time but I will call it quits before I hit it. Or, I’d hit this little goal (yay!) and instead of moving forward, I’d sooner or later go back to square one. Why can’t I stick to long term goals? 6 months to 1 year isn’t even that long! It’s like, oh yeah, I get all pumped up and motivated, then I go eff this and stay dead, then suddenly I get up again and try it all over again. 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, dancing around in circles. No discipline.

Do you have any strategies to combat this? I need help, I think. I want to say I hope you started the year with a bang, but if you’re anything like me, you probably slept through new year’s celebrations and carried on like it’s just another day. I wonder if it’s an age thing… or I’m just boring. Haha!


xoxo Lily


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