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Pure skincare made with botanicals and seaweeds that are handpicked and solar dried from a little town in Maine? Sign me up! Add in the fact that this Mom and daughter duo puts the environment first when choosing their packaging and I’m absolutely sold. Dulse & Rugosa is the very definition of pure, natural and unique green beauty with their seaweed, mushroom and rose-based skincare. My readers get 15% off with code: green.


This is so softening! When a lush and I mean lush body oil has chamomile, Irish Moss and rose petals floating in it, you’re kind of hooked before you even apply it to your skin. Dulse & Rugosa’s Hydrating Body Oil has so many green beauty heavy hitter ingredients such as broccoli seed oil, avocado oil and Grapeseed oil and such a unique scent (fresh, kind of floral and calming) that you will love, love, love it. I would definitely define this body oil as rich, but not one that takes forever to absorb. It’s best applied to damp skin and if you give your skin a few minutes to drink it up, you’ll have baby-soft, dewy skin. Truly. This oil is great for all seasons as it nourishes dry skin, but doesn’t feel heavy. This oil will give your shoulders and legs that Jen Aniston look. And, at $15 it’s so affordable. Get 15% off with code: green.


I love a handcrafted, palm-free soap! As you’ll see, all of the soaps from D & R look and sound so good and are packaged in recycled tissue paper which means zero plastic. Right now I’m using their Rose Petal Soap bar which is defined as “beautiful and silky” and it’s spot-on. If you’ve never used a handcrafted bar of soap, please try Dulse & Rugosa’s as they are not only super affordable ($10 a bar) but their ingredients are so nourishing. In fact, the Rose Petal Soap contains “over a ounce of coconut oil as well as rose hip oil, rose hip infused castor and olive oil and calendula infused sweet almond oil. Swirled throughout the bar is pink Himalayan salt, Rugosa Rose petals, and French pink clay.” The round shape also makes it so easy to use in the shower, too (especially for shaving, travel).

I also have their Weed and Shrooms Soap (the name alone sounds so intriguing, right?) With both seaweed and medicinal mushrooms harvested in coastal Maine, this soap has so many cool ingredients in it, it’s hard not to want to list them. Pieces of dulse seaweed and five different mushrooms are added in to give the bar some exfoliation power. Have you ever exfoliated with mushrooms? Me, neither…this soap is so different from anything I’ve ever tried before. I recommend reading what D & R has to say about their medicinal mushrooms, as it’s super interesting.

Now, if you’re wanting to make the switch from conventional shampoos (and have some patience because there is a bit of a transition time for most people when switching to bars) you can try out their handcrafted, pure shampoo bars which smell wonderful!


The D & R Rose Petal Cream is mousse-like, light and feels so refreshing. I mean, really refreshing. It looks as if it would be heavy on the skin, but it’s not (yes, this can be your Spring/Summer face cream, for sure). I’m not sure if it’s the witch hazel (which is infused with hand picked rose petals from their island), but something gives it that cool feel when you put it on your skin and it’s lovely. It also leaves the skin feeling uber soft and hydrated without any oily after-feel. If you’re a cream woman, I highly recommend going for this. Again, it’s so affordable at $25 for a handcrafted, pure face moisturizer.


Eco packaging, too!

I’ve tried two of the Dulse & Rugosa Seaweed Treatments: their Seaweed to the Rescue which is a mask for your face and skin. This mask is a real healer and calms acne, any itchy skin and new tattoos, too. I’m a big fan of seaweed for the face (it’s always worked so well for me) and this is the purest of the pure in terms of seaweed right here. I feel compelled to mention the ingredients as they are just too good: Ingredients: Irish Moss, Kelp, Laver Seaweed, Calendula and Chamomile Petals. If you’re looking to exfoliate, give their Seaweed and Roses Scrub a shot. It left my skin feeling so soft, clear and bright and the ingredients are just so clean: super fine sea salt and Irish Moss powder, Nori and Rugosa Rose petals along with Rosehip and Cranberry Seed oils.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, gosh darn it! Loving these guys!

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