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Giorgio Armani Eye Tints Revamp

[productsample/affiliate] I’m combining the new tints in this post with the new Highlighting Fusion Powders from the summer collection.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

So, let’s start with what’s different about these eye tints which I distinctly remember from their 2014 launch. I like liquid lid products but the major problem with them tends to be wear – lid oils just don’t like liquids so if you have very oily lids, I’d suggest they’re not for you. That said, I feel that these have more wear than many, and crucially, don’t have that ‘sting’ on application that most liquid lid products have. In fact, you can’t feel them at all so they’re 10/10 as a comfort wear.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

The formula is water-based, with fine pearl pigments – if you’ve had the previous versions, you’ll notice that the applicator is different and I think more effective at giving a single swipe that’s full of product. There are nine new shades and a new ‘chrome’ finish. I’m wearing 42 Magnetic in that finish and I love it – it’s full of glimmer in a neutral oyster-ish colour that’s such an easy wear – like a brightening lid wash.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

I’ve got the new Holographic Amethyst Eyes To Kill Designer Eyeliner which is actually more expensive than the eye tints! However, it is pretty impressive in that it’s a level of ‘holo’ (i.e. iridescence) that is way above and beyond what I’ve seen before. The liquid is pure white in the tube and on the brush until it hits the skin when it turns a gleaming pink/mauve shade… it’s one of those products that makes you go ‘oooooh’ when you apply!

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

You can see the pink around the residue on the tip in this picture. Also pictured is one of the Highlighting Fusion Powders of which there are two. They’re an interesting formula – unusual – in that while the water in the formula evaporates during manufacturing, it’s reactivated on contact with skin. The result of that is a silky feeling powder that doesn’t feel like one – it’s weightless in fact. They smell lovely – like a light sun tan lotion.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

One is a paler tone in Rose and the other deeper shade is self explanatory – Bronze. They both have a shimmery element although they’re by no means on the metallic scale.. lightly twinkling I think I’d say. And they’re £45 each. Both have their own brush concealed in the bottom of the compact.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

First up in the swatch (bottom to top) is the liner in Amethyst, followed by 42 Magnetic (chrome finish), 46 Halo (chrome finish), 38 Night Viper (silk finish) and 37 Scarab (smoke finish). The silk and smoke finishes I couldn’t really tell the difference between to be honest and they both lie on the matte side of things. They’re £27 each and the liner is £31. You can find the collection HERE – I’d really recommend Halo and Magnetic for very easy wear eyes – you literally just swipe and go. Non affiliate HERE. 

*all products are sent to me as samples from brands and agencies unless otherwise stated. Affiliate links may be used. Posts are not affiliate driven.

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