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Fit and Fabulous at 47!

Fit and Fabulous at 47!

bikini body over 45

I am so proud of my Fit and Fabulous at 47 online client Jen! I guess the best word to describe her Hitch Fit Bikini Model Plan transformation is WOW! Jen has been following Hitch Fit for several years after seeing her friend Stacie achieve amazing results with us. In 2018, she decided it was time to commit and get in the best shape of her life. Well, she crushed it!! Surpassing her goals and showing what is possible. So ladies who are over 40 and think that change can’t be made. Think again!! It can. And you can literally get in the best shape of your life after 40. Jen cut her body fat in half during her 16 week plan (from 31% to 15%!) and lost nearly 30 pounds. She also became a runner, something she didn’t think would happen! Way to go Jen!! What an inspiration!!
Fit over 40 Weight Loss Plan

Jen’s Before and After Fit over 40 Stats: 

Starting weight: 139.5

Ending weight: 110

Starting body fat: 31%

Ending body fat: 15.7%

Inches lost on Hips: 6.25

Inches lost on Waist: 4.5

Jen’s Before and After Fit over 40 Weight Loss Photos: 

Jen’s Story and Hitch Fit Online Personal Training Review:

“For the past couple of years I had an activity almost every night of the week (tennis,pilates, pickleball) and then I got tennis elbow and my tennis went from 4 days/week to zero.  So now I had all this free time and knew it was finally time to take the plunge.  A friend, Stacie, had completed a Hitch Fit program 5 years ago with amazing (like “shredded” amazing) results, and ever since I’ve read the success story emails and contemplated signing up.  I was finally ready, had the time, out of excuses, and mentally ready to commit 100%.  I signed up for the 16 week bikini model program and began my journey in July.

Throughout my program I didn’t cheat nutrition – if I was going to get up at 5am to go running before work I wasn’t going to sabotage myself.  Did I just say running?!?  I was not a runner before this program – I was the person who always said “I wish I liked running because I love to be outdoors”.  I admit it was a very gradual process of walk/run for a few weeks (run every cul-de-sac, run if its downhill, run if its not uphill) before I was able to run a few miles without stopping, giving myself little pep talks along the way. But in just 4 months I can now run 7 miles!  Never in a million years did I think I’d be able to say that!

Preparation was key for me. Yes it takes a little time to get your food prep done but so much easier to pack a cooler and know you’re staying on track with nutrition, then trying to decide which fast food place has the healthiest option.  I did this for work, going out of town for the weekend, and even just shopping and running errands for a few hours.  My weekly weigh in/measurement day was on a Tuesday and knowing I was only a couple days away from seeing results of my hard work for the week helped keep me motivated through the weekend.

Each week I emailed Diana my progress and she was always quick to respond with positive feedback and answer all my questions (and I had a handful every week)!  I’ve learned so much through this process and realize that it doesn’t take hours every day in a gym to get results – its a combination of consistency in nutrition and workouts.  This process did take hard work and dedication but it also proved excellent results for this 47 year old!  Highly recommend to anyone that is serious about transforming to a healthier lifestyle.”

fit and fabulous at 47

personal trainer for women over 40

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