February intentions

February Intentions – Kayla in the City

Anyone else feel like January was the longest month ever? I’m SO ready for this new month and a fresh start. Here’s what I’m focusing on in February:

February intentions

✨February Intentions✨

SIMPLIFY your life + schedule.

January felt like a total whirlwind. A blur of swiping my metro card 5 times a day to get from one corner of the city to another. It’s been exhausting to say the least and my body finally crapped out last week.

This month I really want to focus on simplifying my schedule where I can. Figure out what’s working and what’s not and strategize what I can do about it. I’m craving more space in my schedule. Time to decompress. To allow more creativity into my life.


Keep Sunday Sacred

At this time Sunday is my only day off teaching [something I know I need to fix once the Bar Method studio opens]. For now this means I need to keep Sunday as a free day. No teaching. No major plans. Just sleeping in and relaxing.


Block out work-free times

I sometimes feel like I’m always working. It’s not always super productive or useful work, but I’ll find myself sitting on the couch watching TV with my laptop open doing blog related things. Or I’m scrolling instagram responding to comments. Tweaking playlists for my classes.

I love so much of what I do, but this constant guilt to always be working and productive is starting to burn me out.

In February I will block out work-free times each day. Time where I’m not allowed to browse instagram or check my blog stats on google analytics. That time is for being a guilt-free lump on the couch. And that’s it.


Plan one fun social thing every week

I’m embarrassed to admit just how anti-social I’ve become lately. I work most nights so when I do have a night off sometimes all I want to do is sit in silence and recharge. I’m also not great about making an effort to catch-up with friends. This month I want to focus on being more social — making an effort to have a dinner or coffee day with a friend. To reach out to people I haven’t seen in a while.


Take it slow

2019 is a marathon. Not a damn sprint. I need to pace myself otherwise I will burn myself out even worse than I already have.

Your turn: What intentions are you setting for February?

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