Dry Face Brushing, Why You Should Try It Today! –

Similar to using a facial cleansing brush, using a dry brush can exfoliate your skin. Dry brushing is super popular for getting rid of dead skin on your body. Now consider, using this technique of dry brushing but for your face.

Dry brushing is currently the technique of using a brush usually before a shower to scrub the dry dead skin off, this gets rid of dead skin cells, promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Dry brushing the body can help remove dirt, while improving the appearance of the skin and making it appear much more tight and firm.

Now, dry brushing your face can be just as beneficial. Using a gentle brush with smaller bristles and focusing on a circular motion. This process on dry skin can promote blood circulation, remove the old layer of skin to allow the new skin to show through. Dry brushing your face can be great for acne scars because it helps with blood flow, and removes dead skin.

I incorporate dry brushing a couple of times a month, and more for the anti-aging benefits. If your skin is overly sensitive, dry brushing might be too strong for you and is best to use another method or just an exfoliator with beads. Massaging the skin with the brush, promotes blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system and will get rid of any built-up toxins, while unclogging pores. Removing dirt and letting your skin care products penetrate better.

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