Create A Mini Detox Ritual With These 4 Steps

Create A Mini Ritual With These 4 Steps

The weekdays are packed with activities, from getting up, working out, rushing to work and spending the rest of the day running errands, then all the sudden is nighttime. The weeks go by really quickly when we are busy and we forget to take care or ourselves. When the weekend comes I like to incorporate small rituals to help me maximize the short weekend and get as many health benefits from that as possible.

Here are some ways to create a mini detox ritual in just 4 steps:

  • Lots of Veggies: I like loading up on veggies using green juices. Because I know how difficult it is to get enough fruit and veggies during the week. I make green juices at home using Hum Nutrition or Green powders but even doing that can get time consuming. I take the weekend to create a couple of juices and freeze them for the week. Drinking a nice healthy green juice gives me those antioxidants, fiber and vitamins I’ve been missing all week: check out a free juice recipe here.

  • Water, Water: Water is extremely important for detoxing the body and clearing it of toxins. Water is important specially for healthy skin. During the week and when I’m on the go it can get hard to drink as much water as possible so I take the weekend to make sure I’m hydrating properly and enjoying the healthy glow from water.
  • Hit The Gym: Sweating and getting a week of workouts is important, I’ve been doing my best with my spinning classes which work up a sweat and burn many calories. I’ve been using the weekends to incorporate some HIIT workouts into my routine. Sweating gets rid of toxins and hitting a sauna right after is even better.
  • Exfoliate Entire Body: Exfoliating once a week has now become crucial in my routine. During the week I don’t have time to exfoliate much so I leave it for the weekend. Using a good scrub like the Shea Sugar Scrub and using a circular motion is the best. Gets rid of dead skin and my skin ends up being soft and gentle. Followed by moisturizer and body oils.

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