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Social Media for Healthcare: It’s Great for Business!

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How many times have you been walking along and nearly collided with someone staring at their phone? Many people are clearly absorbed with their mobile devices. And the majority of that time is spent on apps—like Facebook and Instagram. So can healthcare providers reach these same people through social media, where their attention is so heavily concentrated? Mobile Now Rules …

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Doctor-Patient Relationship Building: 4 New Technologies

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Relationship building has always been an essential part of the doctor-patient dynamic. Today, however, patients hope the doctor-patient relationship will become increasingly digital. Of course, it’s just as important to meet in person as it always was. But for patients (and potential patients) with busy lives, it’s a good idea to have multiple touchpoints. And what better way to do …

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New #CABudget Deal To Help Hundreds of Thousands with Health Coverage |

Last night, the California Budget Conference Committee voted on a budget proposal that reflected a deal between the Governor and Legislature, including investments in health services with additional steps to universal coverage. As a result of this budget, hundreds of thousands of Californians will get more help to access and afford health coverage, preventing premium increases for everyone and benefiting …

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I’m quoted in the Boston Globe – Health Business Group

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I’m getting tired of this Looks like Rhode Island would rather create a health system monopoly than allow in a competitor from Big Bad Massachusetts. Partners HealthCare has been trying to acquire the second largest hospital system in RI, but now the governor has pulled together the three biggest systems to see if they can come together instead. Partners is …

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“The Community Already Knows Us!”

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Occasionally, I hear from a doctor or healthcare executive, “We don’t need a lot of marketing. Everyone in the community already knows us.” To that, I have to say: “Are you sure?” Remember, you spend a lot of time with your own brand, and it’s easy to forget that very few people have even a fraction of the interaction you …

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Pending CA Legislative Proposals Would Secure & Expand Coverage and Lower Premiums For Over 3.5 Million |

A new brief by the UC Berkeley Labor Center and UCLA Center for Health Policy Research is the first of its kind to model the health coverage impacts of pending legislation in the California State Legislature. The report finds that under the current legislative and budget proposals 1.7 million Californians would be enrolled in coverage instead of being uninsured in 2023. In …

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Green Oasis Acupuncture – Stories from the clinic – Inspiring Health

Posted on by I’ve recently treated two clients who have very different complaints. The similarity between them is a profound feeling of being stuck, sort of trapped in their discomfort. After their first acupuncture treatments, both reported a sense of movement and motivation to implement changes that they had been ignoring or avoiding.  The first client, female, age 33 has …

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