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How to Set Up Your Healthcare Social Media Profiles for Success

man in wheelchair checking mobile phone

In a recent study, 90% of older adult internet users said they’ve used social media to find or share health information. Undoubtedly, social media is a major part of many people’s lives. And if you’re in the business of healthcare, social media may help increase brand loyalty and boost your reputation. You just may need a little help getting started …

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Newsom’s #CABudget May Revision Sets Up Further Health Care Negotiations with Legislature |

Today Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled the May Revision of his proposed 2019-2020 budget continues to include first-in-nation steps toward universal coverage including enhanced affordability assistance in Covered California, continuing the ACA’s individual requirement for coverage at the state level, and $200 million general fund investment to expand Medi-Cal to low-income  young adults up to age 26 regardless of immigration status. See Health Access 2019 …

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Healthcare “News You Can Use”: A Guide for Newsjacking

Newspaper showing "Health News"

The first thing I do when I see healthcare news that interests me or scares me (or both) is go online and try to find more information. It’s a common modern reaction to search for a meaningful explanation of a new treatment or resurgent disease. And hopefully I can find more than a few comments on Facebook or a “hot …

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Deep tissue, therapeutic massage August supply! – Inspiring Health

Posted on by Deep tissue, therapeutic massage August offer! As this is my first month practising from Inspiring Health, it’s the holidays and the sun is shining, I thought I would make an August offer! I provide hour long, full body, deep tissue, therapeutic massage following a consultation. The usual price is £55 with follow up sessions costing £45. For …

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Pregnancy massage – The importance of touch – Inspiring Health

   We are all immersed in a world of digital technology and remote communication. Has the action of touch suffered? There have been many studies looking at the importance of human touch to healthy brain development. Most have shown that slow stroking or a gentle touch can have profound effect on the brain’s ability to connect with the body and …

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Late Summer Fire and Earth – Inspiring Health

It’s the time of year when the heat of summer is beginning to cool. We are harvesting what we have grown and slowing down a bit as we prepare to begin a new school year or return to work after a holiday. The peak of Summer is behind us but it is not Autumn quite yet. It is Late Summer. …

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