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Dignity Health-Catholic Health Initiatives and CVS-Aetna |

Consolidation in the health industry often means fewer choices and less competition, with little to no benefit for patients or the public. Health care companies should not be allowed to get bigger unless they get better. In California, the top five insurers already control over 90% of the market. Health Access closely monitors mergers and advocates for strong consumer protections and …

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Weleda Nursing Oil review | Al Manara Pharmacy


I’ve been breastfeeding Jonah for 14 months now. It’s so cosy and convenient and we love it, but it hasn’t always been easy. We struggled to get him latched on in the first few days and we were advised in hospitals to use nipple shields. The shields worked really well and we were able to feed. Yet Jonah lost over …

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How to Prepare Your Marketing

healthcare mergers and acquisitions

Home » Blog » Hospital Marketing » [PODCAST] Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions: Prepare Your Marketing Team If your healthcare organization is not already involved in mergers and acquisitions in some form, it probably will be within the next few years. Today’s podcast guests want to help organizations like yours navigate through mergers and acquisitions while keeping your marketing and communications …

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Organic Healthcare Marketing: To DIY or Not to DIY?

organic healthcare marketing

Eventually, every digital marketing specialist hears this phrase from a current or would-be client: “We can do this ourselves.” Usually, we hear this in regards to organic digital marketing. While paid digital advertising is a short-term strategy to get patients now, organic marketing is a long-term investment. Paid advertising (placing ads on Google, Facebook, etc.) requires an ongoing budget, while …

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Health Business Group

Checking the box Healthcare was on the minds of mid-term voters this week. Candidates emphasized healthcare in their campaigns and voters in at least six states had an opportunity to weigh in on healthcare via ballot questions. One observation is that voters are being asked to decide some fairly technical questions, including whether dialysis center profits should be capped in …

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The Health Care Election |

Voters prioritized health issues, supported candidates that vow to protect our health care, and elected a Governor that campaigned on a plan to expand access to care On Tuesday, voters sent a clear, unambiguous message to their elected officials: protect our health care against the repeals and rollbacks attempted over the last two years, and work to expand coverage and …

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The Missing Piece in Healthcare Marketing

social media policy

Every company should have a social media policy—and most healthcare organizations already do. Too often, however, that policy is a document handed to new employees that gets lost in the shuffle. It may only be a few forgotten lines in an employee handbook. Today’s podcast guest knew there had to be a better way. Diane Lang is the Senior Manager …

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