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Voice Search Is Shifting the World of Healthcare & How Patients Find You

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Love it or hate it, voice technology is here to stay. For those who love it, voice-commanding Siri or Alexa to report on the weather or play a song is kind of a power trip, not to mention ultra convenient. For those who loathe it, the complaints range from difficulty with Alexa’s comprehension to fears of eavesdropping tech. From its …

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Noisy hand dryers – how to cope? Hint: Lower you hands – Health Business Group

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Noisemaker in chief Noise reduction nozzles. Anyone ever seen one of these in the wild? Nora Louise Keegan, a 13 year old Canadian has generated great publicity with her recent article in Pediatrics & Child Health (Children who say hand dryers ‘hurt my ears’ are correct: A real-world study examining the loudness of automated hand dryers in public places). She …

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AdhereHealth CEO Jason Rose on patient adherence (podcast) – Health Business Group

cropped logo new 3 Jason Rose, CEO AdhereHealth Adherence to medication regimens is a huge challenge, with patients failing to get the benefit of their drugs and payers not getting the results they’re paying for. Adherence is also a major opportunity; for example over half of Medicare Star ratings are based on adherence. In this podcast interview, AdhereHealth CEO Jason Rose offers his …

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CoveredCA Regional Rates for 2020 Show Substantial Savings Available with New Subsides & Shopping Around |

Last week, Covered California released a detailed breakdown of rate changes in 19 regions across the state. Earlier this month, Covered California announced that Californians will only see an average premium rate increase of less than 1% – the lowest change in the exchange’s history. This new detailed information shows that at least three regions will see an average rate …

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Creating a Better Social Experience

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These days, it’s unusual for an organization not to have several social media accounts. Whether or not you post healthcare content regularly, chances are high that your healthcare organization, like most brands, has some sort of social media presence. Social platforms have become a vital and vibrant health resource for consumers—and not just for Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996). …

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CoveredCA Announces Minimal Rate Increase Due to State Steps to Shore Up and Expand Upon the ACA |

Covered California announced today that 2020 individual insurance premiums will see a minimal average rate increase of less than one percent. The announcement also highlights the expected increase in health insurance enrollment of over 225,000 Californians due to the new financial help that was included in the 2019-2020 state budget negotiated last month. These minimal Covered California rate increases, the …

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