Using Buddies In My Belly to Teach Kids About Health

Buddies in My Belly: A Fun Way to Teach Kids Health

228: Using Buddies in My Belly to Teach Kids About Health


Using Buddies In My Belly to Teach Kids About Health

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Sarah Morgan took this message seriously and set out to share all she’d learned in her Masters in Nutrition in a way anyone ages 4 through 104 would understand.

To accomplish this, Sarah founded Buddies In My Belly, a health education company that takes health seriously, but in a way that is seriously fun for everyone. This is something every mom could use because we get some of the toughest questions on the planet (why is the sky blue? how are babies made?), sometimes all before 8:00 a.m.!

Buddies in My Belly has a ton of great resources for helping kids understand why what they eat and how they take care of themselves matters, and isn’t just “because mom says so.”

Buddies in My Belly: Episode Highlights With Sarah Morgan

  • The troubling health statistics our children’s generation faces
  • The Ah-ha! moment that gave Sarah the idea to write a children’s book about gut health
  • What we as parents can do to give our kids the best start
  • The roles different bacterial strains in our digestive system play (and how to explain it to kids)
  • The awesome tool Sarah created to help kids take responsibility for their food choices
  • Ways to get more variety in your kids’ diets
  • A sample of Buddies in My Belly
  • How Sarah teaches kids about healthy living, including food, sleep, movement, drinking water, and more
  • Ideas for getting kids excited about trying new foods
  • How taking care of the gut microbiome helps stop poop problems!
  • And more!

Episode Quotables

“We want to help everybody in the household starting with our little ones understand this concept of the microbiome. Because if they implement this, and they get it, and they feel empowered, they get to make choices themselves. That sets them up for a lifetime of good health.”

Resources We Mention

More From Wellness Mama

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