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I have extremely dry skin and it becomes tricky to find a gentle scrub that isn’t harsh on the skin and leaves it feeling moisturised. While looking for options, I came across this BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher and it immediately caught my eye. Since it seemed like it contains all-natural ingredients, I thought of getting my hands on it.

I have been using this scrub since a couple of weeks now and will share what I feel about it.

Product description:

Sun UV rays, pollution, blackheads & whiteheads, accumulate a build-up which makes skin dull, patchy and pigmented. Melanin production in our skin cells further aggravate the cause and the skin starts looking dark and rough. To maintain a healthy skin, regular exfoliation is recommended.

The Orange and Honey polisher is a breakthrough in skin care. It is a gel based scrub which gently exfoliate the skin buffing away all the dead skin cells, blackheads, impurities, pollution, tan and pigmentation. Perfectly sized crystal granules work effectively on roughest area of the skin. It helps to reveal a younger looking skin which is glowing & nourished. The granules helps to polish the skin. The aroma of orange uplift moods.

Packaging: The scrub comes in a massive plastic white tub and I was happy seeing how big it was. It also comes along with a cute wooden spoon to scoop out the product whenever I want to use. But I honestly don’t use it much because I like to use my fingers to take the product. It saves much time, lol. 

The product doesn’t leak, and the packaging is quite sturdy. However, the only disadvantage is that it is so bulky I wouldn’t be able to carry it along when I want to travel. BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher Review Photos Price

Consistency: It is much runny compared to the other body scrubs that I’ve tried in the past. But it is gel based and the particles contained in it aren’t that fine. I can feel the particles rubbing against my skin when I try to scrub my body and have to be careful so that I don’t over scrub that would lead to micro tears. It doesn’t feel too gentle but is okayish. Also, the presence of honey makes it a bit sticky.

Fragrance: Since the scrub contains oranges, it smells heavenly of it! I like the citrus fragrance and don’t mind it at all. The fragrance also lingers onto my body throughout the day and I like smelling like oranges all day long. The product says it smells like lavender, but I honestly couldn’t smell of it. Instead, it majorly smells of oranges and a bit of honey.

Quantity and price: The BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher comes in a huge quantity of 200gm and is priced at ₹499. I think looking at the quantity the price is fair enough. Also, I need a very small quantity of the product since it lathers quite well. And since I use it only twice a week, it is going to last me for ages I believe.BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher Review Photos Price

My overall thoughts:

I honestly have mixed thoughts about this scrub. It does leave my skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing and contains natural ingredients. But my only concern is the gritty particles. They feel a bit harsh on the skin. I need to be extremely careful while scrubbing because of the not so fine particles. BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher Review Photos PriceApart from this, the scrub works well. The fragrance too is amazing, and I like it quite a lot. It doesn’t dry out my skin too and it’s due to the presence of honey. And since it contains orange extracts, it helps in removing tanning and pigmentation too. Since my body isn’t much tanned, I can’t comment much on it. But if you have tanned skin and don’t mind bigger particles in your scrub, you can go for this one.



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