A Day in the Life of a Yoga Teacher

Every time I’ve done a “Day in the Life” post my life is a little bit different. Today’s installment follows my current life: teaching lots of yoga, training to become a Bar Method instructor, and of course lots of caffeine…

A Day in the Life: January 2019 Edition

5:00AM: Wake up + Get Ready

Contrary to popular belief I’m not a morning person. Waking up early to teach never gets easier but I do love teaching morning classes.

I wake up, brush my teeth, put on some water/sweat-proof mascara so I look alive, get dressed and munch on a Luna Bar before heading out the door. My morning routine isn’t all that glamorous.

6:00AM – 6:50AM Teach

First class of the day is the 6:00AM Express at Y7. The 50 minute class always goes by SO fast.

After teaching I get my usual soy chai from Starbucks and walk home. I LOVE teaching nearby and being able to walk home after class. It’s crazy that the sun is only just starting to rise at this point.

7:15AM – 8:30AM Home

I take a quick rinse off shower to clean up after teaching in the hot room. I then sit down at my desk for a bit to answer emails and take a peak at my google analytics to see what blog posts are performing well after revamping my Pinterest strategy the week prior. At the beginning of the year I always get a nice traffic boom  thanks to so many people setting big goals for the year.

8:30AM Head to Hoboken to practice teach

Right now I’m in training to become a certified Bar Method instructor. Part of my training is to practice teaching sections of of the class to a group of real people. I’ll eventually be teaching at the Noho studio when it opens this spring (!!!) but until then we’ve been using the Hoboken studio as a place for me to practice teach twice a week. I never thought I’d spend so much time in New Jersey!

10:30AM Homeward bound + lunch

After teaching in Hoboken I head back home and pick up lunch on the way. I’ve been OBSESSED with &pizza lately and made one of their create-your-own-pies with vegan cheese, a fried egg, mushrooms, and chickpeas. I watch TV while eating lunch… granted I always watch TV while eating lunch — it’s a bad habit from childhood.

12:30PM – 3:00PM Work work work work work

On this particular day I had two phone calls, one about a potential partnership and the other about being on a podcast. In between calls I work on a freelance writing piece due the next day. I also try to use this time to answer as many emails as I can and get some blog writing done before my brain becomes total mush thanks to waking up early.

3:00PM Walking break

I realize I’m out of Nespresso pods and figure picking some up at the Soho store is also the perfect excuse to take a pause from work and go out for a walk.

3:45PM back to work

I make a vanilla oat milk latte [I’m OBSESSED with my Nespresso machine and milk frother] and power through a bit more writing. And obvious stop to take a picture of my mug in portrait mode…

4:45PM My brain is mush

As expected my brain turns to total mush at some point. I call it quits and enjoy being a lump on the couch watching TV. I think people are always surprised to hear I watch as much TV as I do. Guys, you don’t even want to know how much time I spend watching old episodes of Drag Race and Top Model 😂

5:30PM head to Brooklyn for my own workout

It’s kind of confusing but even though I’m practice teaching at the Hoboken Bar Method and will eventually be teaching at the Noho location, my actual membership for Bar Method is at their Williamsburg location. The only class this day that fits with my schedule is at 6:00PM but at least it’s with one of my faaavorite instructors Danielle.

7:00PM head back to Manhattan to teach.

I’m usually a SUPER early person and leave myself plenty of time to get from Point A to Point B, but I leave myself very little time to get from Williamsburg to Bryant Park to teach my last class of the day. I make it just in the nick of time for my required desk time prior to teaching. Bam!

Also this is when I start to forget to take pictures of my day. Whoops…

7:45PM – 8:45PM Teach

I’m not gonna lie, this class always feels super late at night to me, especially after waking so early! But I’m happy I went to Bar Method beforehand. That plus the afternoon latte got me all energized to teach. Which is good because teaching sculpt requires ALL the energy.

9:15PM homeward bound + sushi

Time to head home at last and of course pick up sushi on the way home. Every Thursday night I treat myself to sushi from my favorite restaurant Japonica. I think of it as a mini celebration for [almost] surviving the week. If you follow me on instagram you know I look forward to that sushi treat ALL week.

After eating I take a real shower and blow dry my hair — I don’t teach any hot yoga classes on Friday’s so it’s one of the few times I actually do my hair! I then get my stuff together because I’m heading to Connecticut early the next morning for a Bar Method practice teach in Darien. I also find it SO hard to unwind after teaching sculpt and I usually end up staying up until at least midnight. Whoops.

I get ready for bed and then read for a few minutes before going to sleep.

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