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[productsample] I was walking with one of my friends this morning and noticed (while the sun was briefly out) that her face was very sparkly. I thought perhaps she’d used a shimmer bronzer or something until she happened to mention that she’d worn a sparkly eye shadow the day before. Now, it’s tricky to know what to do because she clearly didn’t realise she was lighting up like Blackpool illuminations in the sunshine but you know, sparkly is a look and it’s not up to me to be the judge on that! Eventually, we started talking about cleansers and it became apparent that she’d used the same cleansing cloth to take off the eye make up as she’d used to give her face a quick wash that morning – so she had probably got rid of most of the sparkle and then unwittingly reapplied it the next day! I did tell her and she laughed – whew! But, it reminded me that I hadn’t done my review of Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm which is an absolute find.

Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm

Firstly, it comes with a proper cleansing cloth and not the bathroom’s saddest resident – the muslin. It’s like a thin flannel material that holds the heat to a certain extent and actually grips and removes the balm properly.

Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm

The texture is a stiff butter – gorgeous – made with marula oil, grapeseed oil, bitter orange oil and almond oil. You really don’t need very much to get a good cleanse and the slip is perfect for massaging over your skin. It has a very spa-like fragrance of rose and neroli that elevates the experience.

Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm

This is just doing everything it needs to do and doing it really well – I have to be honest and say I don’t know if I’d pick it off the shelf without guidance because it doesn’t look as good as it really is but I’m really pleased to have it. You can find it for £36 HERE although I wish they’d do a small try-me size because that’s quite a big outlay on someone else’s say so.

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