These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things // Vol. 25

Apologies that things have been a bit quiet over here since I got back from LA. I’m in the final stages of becoming a certified Bar Method instructor (YAY!) but that’s also meant that I’ve been spending my free time this week studying for my final certification exam. Hopefully next week things will die down a bit more as there’s a lot of things I’ve been wanting to sharing with you.

And with that being said, let’s dive on in to this week’s favorites:

Teaching a rooftop yoga class:

I taught a yoga class this week for my friend Ashley and her co-workers. The weather ended up being shockingly gorgeous on Thursday afternoon so we decided to have class on the roof deck. It was amazing — a stunning view, we had some laughs and I even got some new freckles thanks to the sunshine.

rooftop yoga

Catching up with old camp friends:

Did you know I spent every summer from ages 12 to 17 at a sleepaway camp in Connecticut? My sleepaway camp friends will always hold a special place in my heart. Over the weekend one of the girls organized a big get together in the city. Holy moly was it fun to catch up with everyone. Jeremy also got to hear plenty of stories about my ridiculous adolescent adventures at camp 😂

Blue light glasses:

My eyes have been bothering me a lot lately and I keep getting headaches when I sit at my computer too long. I decided to buy a pair of blue light block glasses. An overwhelming amount of people recommended I purchase a pair of TIJN blue light blocking glasses because they are shocking affordable (less than $20 on Amazon!)

cheap blue light blocking glasses

I won’t pretend I’m magically cured of my computer headaches but I do think it’s helping! There is also research about blue light messing with your brain’s ability to produce melatonin, AKA the thing that makes you sleepy. I figure it’s worth a shot wearing them while I’m working at my desk. Plus I think they make me look a lot cooler than I am 🙂

Sparkly White Sneakers:

I am OBSESSED with these sparkly white sneakers I impulse bought for my trip to LA. You bet imma rock them all summer long (plus they are pretty comfy!)

Petite Jeans from Madewell:

Where my short peeps at!?!? I’ve been lucking out at Madewell lately with their petite jeans. These jeans I got before my trip to LA are EVERYTHING. The fit is spectacular — high-waisted and hugs in all the right places. And I like where it hits on my ankle. They’ve been perfect with my favorite pair of boots and they also worked well with Birkenstocks when I was in LA.

Fool-Proof Brow Powder from Benefit

I don’t fill in my brows, trust me they are big, bold and bushy enough as is. But I have been noticing some patches where there’s less hair. I’ve been playing around with this brow powder from Benefit and like that it fills in my brows a tiny bit without making things too thick and crazy.

Dinner at Modern Love in Williamsburg

Last week a friend and I got dinner at the vegan restaurant Modern Love in Williamsburg. Everything was amazing that we ate. Like, unbelievably good. To start we split an order of the brussel sprouts which came with a delicious creamy sauce. For my meal I got the Mac and Shews — a vegan take on macaroni and cheese that came with the most incredible crusted tofu. I’m salivating just thinking about my meal. That’s how good it was.

Dazzle Dry Nail Polish

For the last 8 years I’ve been getting one gel manicure right after the other. I’m fortunate that my nails are pretty strong… and also grow SO freaking fast which drives me nuts. Now that I have an unlimited membership at Gloss Lab (read my full review here!) I figured it’s time to give my nails a little break from the gel manicures. I’ve been getting a regular manicure with colors from Dazzle Dry and I have to say I’m really impressed. After 10 days my nails looked almost perfect still — which is saying a lot when you are as much of a klutz as I am.

dazzle dry nail polishNot too shabby for 10 days later!

The best part? The nail polish dries super quickly. In less than 5 minutes of air-drying you’re good to go.

Around the Web:

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And you? What are you loving this week?

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