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Happy Friday 🙂 and happy March. Say. What!?

I’d like to introduce a new little segment in my weekly Friday Favorites post called HONEY AND STING. I worked at a sleepaway camp when I was in high school. Each bunk was named after a different animal and my group one summer was the Bees. Every night we’d gather as a bunk to discuss our HONEYS and STINGS for the day. Honey a positive thing from the day, Sting a not so positive thing.  I know some people call these roses and thorns but I thought I’d throw it back to summer 2007. Because why not. Here’s my honey + sting from this week:

[HONEY]: I felt really really strong [and confident!] in the Bar Method classes I practice taught this week. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I head to Hoboken to practice teach. Lately I’ve been teaching the whole hour long class rather than little sections. This week I feel like something really really clicked and it felt extra good. Yay!

[STING]: Ever since I was little I’ve always gotten a lot of cankersores. Right now I have two massive ones on the inside of my mouth right above my upper lip. So. Painful. And it makes eating / drinking SUPER awkward.

Now let’s dive into the favorites:

favoritethings 23

Kush lip balm from MILK:

My lips are SO freaking dry thanks to winter weather. It’s the worst. I picked up this stuff at Sephora over the weekend and it’s so so so good. I like my lip balms light and not too overpowering or sticky. This fits the bill. As the name suggests it’s made from hemp-derived cannabis seed oil. This stuff won’t get you high, though.

Everlane Rain boots:

A few weeks ago I ordered a new pair of rain boots from one of my favorite brands, Everlane. Everlane is well known for their transparent pricing practices and ethical factories. I’ve never been SO freaking excited for rain!

I finally got to bust out my new rain boots last weekend and it’s pure love. They’re pretty comfy for rubber boots and I like that they still look super cute with jeans or black leggings. I’m not sure, though, how they’ll hold up in torrential downpour because theres a bit of space around the ankle where water might get in.

Mint Kitchen:

I am so so so happy about this new restaurant in my ‘hood. I already mentioned my love for Mint Kitchen’s matzoh ball but over the weekend I went back with my parents and they approved as well. My dad loved the steak dish. My mom and I split the falafel crusted salmon along side our own matzoh ball soups. The salmon was delicious as was the veggies it came with.

Clinique ID moisturizer:

I’ve been using the quintessential Clinique yellow moisturizer since high school. Clinique recently revamped the product and started offering these new cartridges for added benefits. I opted for the one that helps with redness and irritation but you can choose from:

It’s such a smart idea along side the moisturizer I already know and love. I’ve honestly only used it twice so far because I don’t wear make-up if I’m teaching in the hot room but so far I’m into it.

Merrily We Roll Along – off broadway:

Over the weekend I saw Merrily We Roll Along at the Laura Pels Theater [Roundabout]. I love it as a show about young artists navigating show biz, selling out and friendship. It’s a bit of a weird show because it goes in reverse — you start at the ending and then work your way backwards.

One of my teachers from college was in the show — the production is created by his theater company. It was a total treat to get to see him perform.

Freestyle Love Supreme:

Freestyle Love Supreme is a hip-hop improv group. Yup, you read that right.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a founding member of the group along with a few other broadway performers I adore. I’ve been following them seeing shows here and there since college. Right now they are doing a super limited engagement at the Greenwich House Theater. I knew Lin-Manuel Miranda wasn’t a guaranteed performer for the show — he’s just been showing up as a special guest here and there. My brother went the night before I went with my parents and he got to see LMM. I was kind of convinced that meant he wouldn’t be there for us. About 10 minutes into the show, though, LMM pops out on stage. As you can imagine the crowd went absolutely wild.

The whole night ended up being a total treat. Even my parents who don’t necessarily love hip-hop music really enjoyed the show.

This Article:

I’ve seen a few friends post this article from Man Repeller about turning your hobbies into hustles. It kind of hit me in the gut. Growing up I knew I wanted to be an actor and always kind of viewed this hobby of mine as my ultimate career aspiration. As an adult I feel like I’m constantly asking myself well can I monetize this? about any hobby I take interest in. Should I bother to take up knitting if I can’t eventually be good enough to self some scarves? What about photography? Guitar? Etc.etc. etc. It’s a really interesting article about the current state of hustles in 2019.

Your turn: What are some of your favorite things from this week? What is your HONEY and STING from this week?

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