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Christmas is a great time of year – not least because of all the amazing foods on offer!

Rather than limit yourself, or go all out, you can still enjoy yourself by just making smart choices and keeping your portions under control.  Remember, you’ve worked too damn hard to throw away all your hard work.

These are some of the big hitters over Christmas, so just be mindful of how many calories are you are consuming with each serve.

Calories in Christmas Treats


1 serve (37ml) = 130 calories

Candy Cane

1= 50 calories


1 Flute = 80 calories

Christmas champagne

Fruit Mince Tarts

250 calories

Try these 101 calorie alternatives 

Ginger Bread Cookies

1 cookie (37g) = 134 calories

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bear

1 Bear = 550 calories

Plum Pudding

115g wedge = 333 calories

Try our Xmas pudding with only 172 calories 


Quality street chocolates

5 =132 calories

Roast potatoes

150g = 149 calories

Rum Balls

1 ball = 110

Scorched Almonds

4 Almonds = 160 calories

Sugar Cookies

1 cookie = 144 calories


100g = 386 calories

White Christmas

1 slice = 212 calories



Christmas almonds

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