Some Of My Top Green Beauty Masks

In no particular order, these are just some of the masks that I reach for all of the time!  How about you?


Sweet Serenity by Max + Me  I wanted to put this mask into several of the categories because it does so much.  This creamy, chestnut brown mask/cleanser is only used as a mask in my home because it’s just too precious to wash off immediately.  Plus, the effects when you keep it on the skin are just glorious.  It seems to take all of the redness out of my skin and leave it soft, smooth and bright.  It also gently exfoliates when you remove it.  Use a warm cloth to take it off.  Beauty Heroes members get 15% off here. 

The Petal by Mahalo  You have most definitely heard about this baby already because it’s fantastic and incredibly unique.  The Petal (that I was lucky enough to name) has a pink gummy texture that leaves skin plumped up, hydrated and so, so soft.  I recommend this before big events, when skin is ruddy/unhappy or when you’re hanging out watching a movie or taking a bath.  Leave it on for as long as you wish, it can only rock your world that much harder.

THE HONEY MUD by May Lindstrom  It’s hard to say that this mask does any one thing because it kind of does everything.  This mask calms down my skin, leaves it clear, bright, clean and soft.  I think if you’ve never tried it (yeah, it’s expensive, but it lasts and it’s worth it) you should definitely go for it.  It took me a while to get around to this brand, but honestly, it is worth all of the hype…especially this mask (which is also a cleanser).

Moisture Mask by Kahina  This is that one moisture mask that I recommend whenever anyone says, “Do you have a great mask to hydrate.”  You can’t go wrong with this classic mask for moisture and the longer you keep it on, the happier your skin will end up.  It’s pre-mixed and incredibly easy to use…just slather it on as the consistency is that of a very thick night cream.  This mask is ideal for when you want a really smooth, soft and hydrated face for makeup, too.  Bring it on sunny vacations to calm down sun exposed skin, too.


Josh Rosebrook’s Cacao Mask  This is the mask that you can file under “No Joke.”  As soon as you open the lid and see its super dark brown shade and smell the strong scent of true cacao, you’ll know you’re in the Big Leagues of Detoxing.  Highly potent, this mask is great after a trip in which you’ve used lots of SPF or if you’ve been using a lot of makeup and your skin is clogged and looking sluggish.  It’s a perfect start-over mask, too and you’ll see big improvements in your skin if you use it 1x a week.  Keep it on for the recommended time only as it is potent.  You might experience some redness after removing it  (all good) so use it at night, moisture after and wake up with bright and clear skin.

Osmia Detox Mask  I recommend this mask all of the time as it is a classic and wonderful detox mask.  This mask will give you a really good clean, a great exfoliation and leave your skin bright and soft.  This mask needs to be mixed and should only be kept on for the time recommended as it, too, is potent.  I recommend using it before a shower as you’ll want to give your skin a good rinse and a few swipes with a soft cloth to make sure you get it all off.  


Captain Blankenship’s Detox Mask  I’m not sure what the heck it is with this mask, but it’s the one mask that truly brightens my skin and takes alway all of my redness.  This mask is another potent one and should only be kept on for as long as recommended.  You might have some redness immediately following removal if you keep it on too long, so I say to pay attention and you’ll get wonderful results.  I’m almost out of this baby and not happy about it!  This will clear up your skin and give it a gentle exfoliation.  

Osmia’s Adzuki Moisturizing Mask  Super duper exfoliating mask that uses Adzuki and quinoa to soften and deliver moisture to the skin.  I love the way this pretty pink mask leaves my skin toned, soft and moisturized.  I haven’t in a while, but I used to add this mask to fatty yogurt for even softer skin.  Handmade in Colorado, it also comes with a beautiful lavender mixing bowl (made in the USA) and bamboo mixing spoon.  

Valley of Light Illuminative Mask  Love the scent of coffee?  I do and I don’t even drink it.  This mask is a new favorite (do yourself a favor and get it in the new Beauty Heroes box as it’s a great deal or buy it on it’s own).  This mask truly surprised me as it’s always great when a dry mask is able to leave my skin feeling so moisturized!  This mask will brighten, tighten and smooth out your skin.   Beauty Heroes members get 15% off here. 


Laurel’s Honey Berry Enzyme Mask  A favorite of anyone who has been at this green beauty thing for a while.  This mask uses the power of enzymes to gently, yet powerfully, exfoliate the skin.  It’s so pure and the ingredients make you want to eat it, honestly.  You’ll have soft, smooth, plump skin without having to do any scrubbing.  Put it on (pre-mixed and has the consistency of honey) and let the berries and honey work their magic!  With only five ingredients, this handmade mask is true green beauty.


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