3 Day Workout Routine For Fast Fat Burning Results

3 Day Workout Routine For Weight Loss

Getting back into a workout routine after falling off track can be difficult and overwhelming. Specially when you’re recommended to hit the gym 5-6x per week to get better results. With our busy schedules it can be hard to sustain 5 days of visiting a gym over a long period of time. I’ve been doing a routine that has worked …

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“God is using you” – Natalie Jill Fitness

God is using you with Natalie Jill

08 Jul “God is using you” “God is using you” Someone wrote that in my comments last night & I got chills. You see, I walked around unconscious for YEARS. Living how I believed I was “supposed to” ✅ College check✅ Job check✅ Married check✅ Baby check✅ House check✅ Pay bills check I was doing life but I wasn’t living. …

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Introducing WEGO Health’s New Destination For Patient Leaders

Today we’re ecstatic to announce the unveiling of the industry’s first eLearning and collaboration platform for advocates, influencers and healthcare collaborators.  The new WEGO Health platform connects patient thought leaders to enhance knowledge-sharing, skill-building and industry collaboration. For years, the Patient Leader Network has been yearning for a one-stop-shop to support their growth as effective Patient Leaders. Before today, there …

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Flaky Almond Flour Pie Crust Recipe

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A delicious (and reliable) pie crust recipe is essential in every kitchen. Even better if it’s grain free and paleo! I often go crustless for recipes like my bacon and broccoli quiche, but for some recipes, a pie crust is important. I recently realized that I although I have several pie recipes with crust, I hadn’t shared my standard pie crust recipe …

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Bouncing Back from Massive Setbacks with Mary Morrissey

15 Jul Bouncing Back from Massive Setbacks with Mary Morrissey Posted at 04:15h in Podcast by Natalie Jill Bouncing Back from Massive Setbackswith Mary Morrissey A teenage pregnancy in 1966, diagnosed with a fatal kidney disease soon after, a marriage that crumbled from a bipolar diagnosis… How do you bounce back from massive set back when even your reputation …

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