Best Workout for Weight Loss & How To Burn More Calories In Yoga

During my work as a private weight loss coach for women, I am frequently consulted for my take on the latest fitness trends. I want everyone to have access to the best data that will help them accomplish their goals. From mental tricks to breakdowns of how to work out like the top celebs, check out my most recent articles …

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Industry Trends Demand New Approaches To Healthcare Facilities and Real Estate

Public Relations and Brand Marketing for Healthcare IT and Software Providers

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. By Richard Taylor, executive managing director, JLL Healthcare Solutions. Healthcare delivery is being transformed as we speak, from technological breakthroughs and regulatory change to changing patient demographics and consumer expectations. As the healthcare landscape evolves, forward-looking healthcare providers are seeing their real estate in a new light. It’s time for healthcare …

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Kesh King: Care for your Hair, King for your Kesh


Kesh King Hair Oil and Shampoo Review The other day, I went to my salon for my weekly hair styling appointment, which is something that I can’t avoid because I shoot quite a lot and that means having perfect-looking hair and makeup every day. No kidding! However, I hadn’t realized the extent of hair damage […] The post Kesh King: …

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The Biggest Contribution of Workwear Fabric to Humanity – My Health Tips

According to the figures published by the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) under the title of ‘World Fire Statistics’, in 2015 alone, over 3,000,000 fire incidents were reported in a total of 31 countries, resulting in more than 18,000 deaths, and almost 45,000 injuries. Only in the United States, according to the statistics provided by the US …

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Are Crib Mattress Alternatives any Better?

Adorable toddler boy sleeping in a bed

Have you heard the Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned more phthalates? That’s a good thing, since phthalates are hormone disruptors and developmental toxins. They can harm reproductive and brain development and have been linked to obesity and asthma. Phthalates are a definite risk to babies. You certainly don’t want phthalates in your crib mattress! Phthalates have been used as …

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Skin Republic Face masks – My top picks

While this is a sponsored post with Skin Republic, that in no way influences my opinion on the products. Having used some of these masks for a good while now I was delighted to collaborate with them to tell you all about what they have to offer.   2017/2018 really saw the sheet mask have it’s time in the spotlight. With so …

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