Guerlain Rouge G Matte Lipsticks

British Beauty Blogger

[productsample/affiliate] So many new launches from Guerlain at the moment. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. Guerlain Rouge G Matte The new case collection – the It-Colours Collection – has been designed by Parisian jeweller, Lorenz Baumer, in a leather effect. I love them – they’re so stylish and while some of the shades are very vibrant …

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Changing the Telehealth Industry With Artificial Intelligence

Mar 222019 Changing the Telehealth Industry With Artificial Intelligence As technology continues to develop, artificial intelligence has taken leaps from a science-fiction fantasy to being included in everyday tasks. The telehealth industry is one of the newest industries to begin utilizing artificial intelligence, affecting everything from the distribution of electronic medical cards to personable interaction. As telehealth spreads across the United States, …

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These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things // Vol. 24 [LA Edition]

la favorite things

Happy Friday, lovelies. I’m back back back from vacation and here with some favorites from my trip to LA. Warning: It’s A LOT of food. I swear I didn’t just eat my way through West Hollywood 😂 we also did other things! ▶︎ Favorite Eats From This Trip: MatchaBar in Echo Park As I mentioned in this post I’m officially obsessed …

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Foods Hydrated Healthy Skin: Foods You Should Eat

Foods You Should Eat For Hydrated, Glowing Skin 1

I recently received my latest Amazon order, which included my MCT oil. This oil is made up of MCT fats, which are fats that can be found in coconut oil and other oils. I started thinking about the benefits certain foods have on the skin. Eating the right diet has helped me keep my skin hydrated and glowing. Eat Foods High in Good …

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Morning Routine to Boost Your Mind (as seen on CNN)

While everyone has their own unique version of the ‘perfect morning routine’, here’s a morning routine workout that will also help to boost your mind! Research shows that cardiovascular exercise can help to enlarge the part of your brain that leads to learning – the hippocampus.  Exercise has many positive impacts on the body such as improving your mood, memory, …

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2018 Top 10 Patient Leader Blogs

There are thousands of Patient Leaders working day in and day out to educate, raise awareness and support their patient community. The WEGO Health Awards give us the chance to recognize Patient Leaders across all condition areas and platforms, to ultimately find the top Patient Leaders in each space. To recognize the Patient Leaders community members endorsed, we’ve compiled the …

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