How to Create a DIY Plant Wall In Your Home

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I’ve already confessed my weird hobby of taking on remodeling projects whenever my husband leaves town. Today, I’m sharing another one of my (somewhat strange) infatuations: my plant wall. Or should I say plant walls, since I’ve created several of them throughout my house. Why a Plant Wall? Well, for starters, plant walls are beautiful and incredibly versatile. They make …

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What’s In My Bag – Kayla in the City

whats in my purse

I dunno about you but I love reading about the mundane details of other bloggers lives. Gimme a “day in the life” post or morning routine and I eat that content UP. I’m always curious about what other people lug around in their purse. For me personally I know I carry around a whole lotta stuff in my bag. I …

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Audio: CMS Administrator Seema Verma Speaks To the Healthcare Media at HIMSS19

CMS Administrator - Seema Verma

Feb20 Audio: CMS Administrator Seema Verma Speaks To the Healthcare Media at HIMSS19 CMS Administrator – Seema Verma During her trip to HIMSS19, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Service administrator Seema Verma spoke with registered members of the media to preview her keynote speech and answer questions about her department’s newly released proposed interoperability rule. The rule dictates that data …

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Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer | British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger

Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer [productsample/affiliate] While I’m not particularly fond of the Marc Jacobs brush shape because it’s fat and I prefer a skinnier brush, this is a really good primer. The blurb promises a ‘false lash look’ and that’s exactly what it delivers. Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer I try to not read the ‘promises’ before I try the product …

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The MAN v FAT Podcast episode 17: Protein bars

In episode 17 of the MAN v FAT Podcast, we review the best and worst protein bars on the market, talk about how you should always check the calories properly and discuss what the best chocolate bar ever is. And Roman educates us about what too much protein can do to your er, movements… Listen to the episode on Soundcloud …

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3 Tips for Advocacy of Instagram

I created @anxietysupport on November 12, 2012.  I was sitting on my mom’s couch in dire need of a supportive community of people who shared similar struggles. I had been in recovery for a little over a year from panic disorder with agoraphobia and was struggling immensely with anxiety and depression, so much so that I had to take a …

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