New Bill to Lower Drug Prices Targets Practice of “Pay-for-Delay” |

Consumer advocates cheered the introduction of a bill to address the outrageous pharmaceutical company practice of “pay for delay,” where drug manufacturers offer patent settlements to pay generic companies to delay the introduction of lower-price medication to the market. According to an FTC study, “these anti-competitive deals cost consumers and taxpayers $3.5 billion in higher drug costs every year.” The new bill, …

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Jo Malone Lupin & Patchouli Cologne

British Beauty Blogger

Jo Malone Lupin & Patchouli Cologne [productsample] While I’m not that keen on patchouli, I’ve got to say that the new collection from Jo Malone, including this one, Lupin & Patchouli, is doing a very good job of replicating the British countryside. The collection is called Wildflowers & Weeds and I’m guessing that Patchouli is the weed in this pairing. …

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The Best Stretches to do Before & After Dancing l 12WBT 12WBT

One of the most important parts of getting myself ready for ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ is the warm up and cool down – specifically – getting in my stretches. I want to stay in the competition as long as I can – and I’m not about to let potential injury get in the way! Spending a little time ahead of your …

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Prescription Drugs Are Ground Zero for AI Innovation In Patient-Centric Healthcare

Feb20 Prescription Drugs Are Ground Zero for AI Innovation In Patient-Centric Healthcare By Leslie Swanson, president and CEO, eXalt Solutions.  We are quickly moving to a patient-centric world in healthcare where treatment is coming to the patient, the patient is treated more like a customer, and medical facilities of all types must use technology from the business sector. Business sector …

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Let’s Talk Travel Planning, On A Budget

plan travel on a budget travel to eaurope on a budget

Nothing beats new experiences, new places, new people and discovering yourself in the process. Traveling and learning about new cultures is extremely valuable and important for self development. My goal is to visit as many places as possible throughout my life. In order to do that, this goals has to align with my lifestyle and that involves planning and taking …

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KPS Essentials Is An Organic Luxe Green Beauty Line Taking On Some Of The Toughest Skin Issues. Plus, A Deal & Free GWP, Too!

After seeing how conventional products that fell during an earthquake were able to eat through her rug, Natalie, one of the co-creators of KPS Essentials, quickly went green and began creating a vegan and organic green beauty line with her rocket scientist partner (yes, really). KPS Essentials is excellent for all skin types, specializing in aging, acne, rosacea and eczema-prone …

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