Marketing Partnerships Are Essential for Healthcare Organizations

healthcare marketing agency team

A great healthcare marketing agency can help you go after the patients you want, build your brand, and grow revenues. Just as vitally, they’ll be there for you—not for a one-off project or creative piece, but as a true marketing partner.  The cold, hard truth is, many agencies won’t actually form a true marketing partnership with you. Many simply aren’t …

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Creamiest Creamless Egg Scramble

Adding cream to scrambled eggs makes them much yummier, but not as healthy. Try these eggs from healthy chef Dan Churchill for the best of both worlds. The post Creamiest Creamless Egg Scramble appeared first on Under Armour. Source link

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Creating a Better Social Experience

crumpled papers while brainstorming healthcare content

These days, it’s unusual for an organization not to have several social media accounts. Whether or not you post healthcare content regularly, chances are high that your healthcare organization, like most brands, has some sort of social media presence. Social platforms have become a vital and vibrant health resource for consumers—and not just for Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996). …

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Four-Ingredient White Bean Hummus

White bean, garlic, tahini and olive oil. That’s all you need for this unique hummus! The post 4-Ingredient White Bean Hummus appeared first on Under Armour. Source link

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Voice Search Is Shifting the World of Healthcare & How Patients Find You

woman with phone doing voice search

Love it or hate it, voice technology is here to stay. For those who love it, voice-commanding Siri or Alexa to report on the weather or play a song is kind of a power trip, not to mention ultra convenient. For those who loathe it, the complaints range from difficulty with Alexa’s comprehension to fears of eavesdropping tech. From its …

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Lessons Learned in Portugal: Attending My First Fitness Retreat

I’ve been wanting to go on a fitness or yoga retreat of sorts for a while now. When my good friend Leah asked if I wanted to sign up to go with her to Portugal with Surf Yoga Beer I eventually said YES… after a little bit of convincing. It’s not a cheap trip. I tend to like to stay …

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