The Good, The Bad and The Ugly l 12WBT Blog 12WBT

Reviewed by: Lisa Donaldson, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t read that this food is ‘good’ and this one is ‘bad’. One of the biggest claims in recent years (much to chocoholics delight) is that chocolate is really, really good for you. Claims ranging from it being a great treatment for anaemia to asthma …

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HealthSparq and Pager Partner to Help People Navigate Healthcare Options

Mar 52019 HealthSparq and Pager Partner to Help People Navigate Healthcare Options HealthSparq and Pager announced a strategic partnership. Together, the companies will help health plan members better evaluate and navigate their care options while lowering medical and administrative costs. Millions of health plan members have access to the HealthSparq One platform through its health plan portals where they can …

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The Secret To A Sculpted Booty Is This Workout l 12WBT Blog 12WBT

Training the toosh is an integral part of a lower body workout and while we might assume that it’s important to work this area to have a perfect looking booty, it’s a crucial area for stability and for forming a solid foundation for many exercises. Making sure that you hit the glutes from all angles can ensure that you maximise …

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Girl Undiscovered | British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger

[productsample/affiliatelinks] I can’t find anything not to like about this New Zealand based brand founded and run by women (of all ages by the way – the Creative Director is in her 50’s). Everything hits the mark, from the Face Elixir (Stars Aligning) to the Body Oil (Soaked In Sunshine) because the vibe is right. Bright, positive, powerful, energetic and …

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Content Needed for Electronic Health Reporter

Scott E. Rupp

Mar 52019 Content Needed for Electronic Health Reporter I recently returned from HIMSS19 where I attended some excellent educational sessions and met with dozens of individuals serving the sector through their businesses and partnerships. While there I was specifically looking to establish new content partnerships with health IT’s thought leaders. My goal: To produce an abundant amount of high-quality content …

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