The Benefits of Adding Fruits to Your Life – My Health Tips

A Fruity Confession… I’m a fruits addict, and cannot imagine my life without constantly binging on one sweet variety after another. There is something about these little ‘love nuggets’ of nature that reaches deep into my soul. And my trusty Spectrum plans connection doesn’t help much either; in terms of getting me to wean off of this strange little fetish. …

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Empties and near empty products

It says a lot about a product when a beauty blogger finishes it! I get so many products to try, that I don’t always get a chance to finish stuff off before I have moved onto the next item that needs reviewing. If I finished every product I used before I started another, I would have no content for the …

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Healthy Lunch Ideas & How to Pack a Healthier Lunch (As Seen on ABC Chicago)

Get the scoop on how to pack a better lunch from Women’s Weight Loss Coach and Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour. Check out her recent interview on ABC 7 Chicago in which she goes over five simple ways to pack fast, healthy lunches that are good for you and the kids! The morning is busy enough, so you definitely don’t want to put …

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Troubleshoot Issues Impacting Citrix and Epic Users

Public Relations and Brand Marketing for Healthcare IT and Software Providers

This content is copyrighted strictly for Electronic Health Reporter. Join Electronic Health Reporter partner Goliath Technologies on Tuesday, October 16th at 12:30 p.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT. During the live seminar you’ll gain the opportunity to learn more about how healthcare organizations like Monroe Healthcare, of Wisconsin, and Catholic Health Initiatives proactively use Goliath Technologies’ new Epic Module to anticipate, troubleshoot …

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How to treat allergy and asthma effectively that save?

Airocide 1

Using an advanced air purifier is a good way to handle indoor air pollution. This is important for anyone struggling with asthma. While there is no effective treatment for asthma, along with good control (both in the amount and concentration) of indoor pathogens such as mold, dust, feathers Ticks, dust mites and cigarette smoke. Allergy and asthma often related to each other. Studies in the US show …

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A Lifestyle in Review. More Lessons from a Former Fat Guy – Part 1

Each year Prime Ministers and Presidents like to give a State of the Nation Speech to their people. You’d hope that it would be inspiring, motivating, honest and insightful. The sad truth is it’s often what’s not said that proves to be more revealing. While I can hardly compare myself to a President or Prime Minister, I do consider you …

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