Reflecting on 2018 – Kayla in the City

GUYS, this post has been a serious struggle to write. Every year I write one of these reflection posts. And while it’s always one of my favorites to write it’s also always the hardest to write for a few reasons: [ONE] How do I sum up a year???? Can I even put into words just how special, transformative, magical, exhausting and hard this year has …

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We Tried it For You: Flying Trapeze

Always wanted to try an exciting new activity, but just not sure where to start? We’re trying out the latest, greatest sports and activities for you and reporting back with our findings, so you know exactly what to expect when trying something for the first time. We tried everything from parkour to trail running and learned the basics straight from …

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5 Healthy Habits to Adopt This Year

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We are nearing the time of year when we make lists of all the things we have resolved to change (and which two-thirds of us will fizzle out on within the first month). The problem with resolutions is that often we make multiple major and life-altering changes and expect them to happen overnight. Then, frustration hits and burnout results. For the …

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Zara Matte Lipstick Review | British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger

Zara Matte Lipstick I hit the sales yesterday with my friend Genevieve – weirdly, I really wasn’t looking for anything at all and more going for the fun of it, but I ended up with some great finds. I still didn’t manage to get inside Zara though so I was pleased that I’d ordered one of the new lipsticks on-line …

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How Fast & Far To Run

When it comes to running, there’s no such things as too little, too slow or too short. But if you eventually want to increase these things, these tips will help you get there. The post How Fast & Far To Run appeared first on Under Armour. Source link

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Helping the Healthcare Industry Avoid Being the Next Ransomware Victim: 5 Tips for Employees

Marcus J. Chung

Dec28 Helping the Healthcare Industry Avoid Being the Next Ransomware Victim: 5 Tips for Employees By Marcus Chung, CEO, BoldCloud. Marcus Chung Every person, from the newest employee to the CEO, can either strengthen or weaken an organization’s security posture. For this reason, healthcare companies need to help their employees take precautions against the latest ransomware scams, otherwise their organization  …

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